Black Body Radiation (negative ‘thoughts’)

Published June 5, 2019 by tindertender

At the core of your genetic template is the template of eternal life. It still carries the command codes to survive forever.

If there weren’t other genetic command sequences in your DNA strands that were programmed to defeat these signals, it could still live for thousands, millions or trillions of years.

Those implants operate off of what is called black body radiation that has been loosely termed “negative thoughts” by spiritual advisors as long as the written word has been around to document the message.

Negative thoughts literally emit black body radiation into your limbic system through your artificial, corrupted brain.

You can see them in Encephalograms on a medical monitor. It is the color or “frequency” of Dark Matter energy which at its quantum a B flat in scientific terms.

You will learn all about how this frequency affects all things around you in this electronic playing field in the new handbook installation with overwhelming physical evidence to prove this is not some sort of conspiracy theory or postulation. It is as real as a heart attack.

The mind produces “B flat” continually while you are suffering and in pain. That is the type of “electricity” that powers the “dark force” now alive and saturated into your world.

Nanites are 25 times smaller than the finest oil mist particle held in by “sealed devices” within your computer, your radio, your car and everywhere else there is “liquid” or “electromagnetic radiation” present within the device.

Which means simply, your “seals” do not “seal in” nanites at all. They pass right through them like a bicycle through an aircraft hanger.

Because they are too small to see even under powerful microscopes, we act like they don’t exist. Let me make one thing crystal clear: they do. And they have been your real enemy all along since the day you were born and began to die because you are infected by them every time you step into an electromagnetic field and then you power them by the negative thoughts you emit from your brain.

That is pretty much 100% of the space possible in which to stand within “cities” because they are carried and broadcast out from any radiation field invisibly through the air.

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