The Aether

Published May 30, 2019 by tindertender

Aether, or Awareness “particles” attributed to “god” or some other intelligence isn’t just some myth or superstition just because you can’t see it, so it must not exist.

Aether is both the power and the awareness that is quantum-entangled to all things and all life throughout all that there “is”. We have no explanation as to where “it” came from, or how, it has just always been.

In religious texts you have heard of many beings who have claimed to be this god, but in every instance, they were either speaking collectively on behalf of all aether particles, or they were suffering from childish delusions of grandeur.

This has been the case more times than anyone could ever count. Particles of awareness who allow ego to take over and then seek to set themselves up as “the” particle with more power or higher knowledge than any other particle.

This is glittering unicorn scat and you might as well understand that right now. No particle has more potential power than any other one. They are all the same; infinite.

One of the biggest secrets today is how anti-gravity is created, not because they (your captors) don’t want you to know how to fly, but because that secret is the answer to unlimited free energy.

Once you finally know about it, it would give you unlimited internal power to cast them out of this playing field with nothing more than a single thought.

An economy based on selling the population oil, coal, wood, sun or water-generated energy to finance eternal war would collapse overnight if you knew the secret to zero-point technology. Of course I will show you how that works as well. -Excerpt from “Decoding the Hive” Vol 1

🔹LIGHT is created by SOUND

🔹SOUND is created by FRICTION

🔹FRICTION is created by ACTION

🔹ACTION is created by INTENT

🔹INTENT is created by WILL

🔹WILL is created by THOUGHT

🔹Without THOUGHT, there can be none of the above.

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