Energetic Signals and Gravitational Pushes

Published May 30, 2019 by tindertender

The Anunnaki-Luciferian Alliance were able to suspend time and gravity and replace it with a counterfeit system of their own choosing.

The gravitational PUSH would be accelerated by some 3 times and elements within that would actually increase 36 times which would force eternal-life-code bodies to break down and deteriorate even faster yet.

Of course time was replaced as well within the 360 degree system backed by Numerological Aether Commands to create the Looking Glass illusion where black is actually white and white is actually black.

This system was revealed in disclosure in the 2011 film Neverland where Peter and his band were transported to a world where his gravitational limits had been altered and where he would never age.

Of course this is precisely backward to what has been put in place now, which is now headed up by CERN, disclosing to the public a mirrored-image of what is taking place.

The CERN large hadron collider project in Switzerland operates this program under the public term the White Rabbit Project where time is being forcibly altered within a CUBE structure that displaces the events that would otherwise be organically generated within the Timeline, and replaced by other events through the transposition of collective-awareness of the population with those from other Timelines. They are the ones behind the Mandela Effect (they secretly call the Mandala Effect).

I mention this clear anomaly in other places within this paper as well, showing you some of the geometric command-patterns being used to bring about this amazing history-distortion where half of the public remembers one thing from the past and the other half recalls another.

Since this is a vast topic that involves automatons as well as Self-aware Sentient beings moving among each other completely unaware of this mental disconnection, it would be more properly covered in its own complete paper at some point. (Excerpt from “Decoding the Hive” Volume 1 , page 155-157.)

This is the Illuminati Mind of G.O.D. Program hardware where any thought can be placed into your mind from satellite-based scalar-wave transmission, specifically directed to your one mind out of the 7 ½ billion on earth. Regardless of where you are standing on the planet at the time.

Your Signature frequency is your ID which can be picked up and triangulated instantly and globally, as it is much more unique than fingerprints and is continuously sending out its electronic signal into the space around you like a radio beacon.

SIGnature is a signal as well as a Signet. Sig-nature is your one unique signal within all of nature. (Excerpt from “Decoding the Hive” page 173-174.)

Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne


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