Creation Of Man, Science Project?

Published May 30, 2019 by tindertender

While the Catholic church is now known as Christian, it will be shown here beyond any doubt that it has never been Christian (Krystian as in the Krystos), but absolutely devoted to the Anu-Elohim (known simply as AN in ancient deification).

While the Catholic church is now known as Christian, it will be shown here beyond any doubt that it has never been Christian (Krystian as in the Krystos), but absolutely devoted to the Anu-Elohim (known simply as AN in ancient deification).

They were the gods of all gods who created the over 50 different Anunnaki races that were each bioformed (raped and bred into warrior slaves) from many various planets to assist in the extinction conquest of the Angelic Human Krystal’s Project.

The Anu-Elohim arrived 10 million years prior to the first seeding of the Angelic Human, or, 570 million years ago. As did the Nephilim, the Budhara Bourjha (Nanites) and the Khepri (scarab beetles).

Collectively the three Sentient races above (Nanites are not Sentient) became known down through history as “the fallen angels”, since they were all interbred with the Elohim who are in fact Krystos Angelics with wings.

The dozens of other Anunnaki factions mentioned a moment ago did not begin arriving until 5.5 million years ago with the most recent, the Grays, in 1903. Each of the Anunnaki races (including the much earlier fallen angelic races) who had arrived in ancient times all wanted to become the prevailing rulers of Urth.

The Sumerian King List as well as various cartouche stones of Egypt record their many kingships and overthrows dating back 433,000 years. Sumerians Enki and his son Thoth who originally arrived to our planet in reptilian/Anunnaki Avatars only to then take on too many forms to list in later manifestations, decided to make a race of beings for mining purposes which they would call the Lulus.

Historical accounts of this new species refer to them as the Hyksos. The first version of the Lulus was created 252,000 years ago. Much more ape-like than human, they are known as Neanderthal Man to historians, but to the Anunnaki the project’s official name was the “Lulcust” (hence the pet term Lulus).

It was the invasion of Tara Urth by this new species that spawned the term in modern-day of “locusts” that devour all they see, as it was their job to overcome the human evolution by breeding out the Krystos into extinction (something that has not proven successful).

The Lulus were created through genetic splicing using DNA from an ape that was native to their home planet Nibiru, some DNA from an Angelic Urth Human, Rhesus monkey also from Urth and finally soil from our planet as well. All in order to ground the particle-spin within the DNA codes to this operating platform. Today if your blood tests RH positive (+), it means that somewhere in your history, your predecessors intermingled with this new bi pedal hominid species.

There are no humans on-planet carrying Rhesus DNA merely because humans and chimps are unable to sexually reproduce. Their outward sexual organs may be compatible, but their internal reproductive organs are not. Only gene-splicing can mix Rhesus and humans. (Excerpt from “Decoding the Hive” page 333.)

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