Ascension Is Individual, Not Collective

Published May 30, 2019 by tindertender

Until recently, it was meant to be collective, but then in September of 2017 our timelines were changed to one where there was less than 1% who were awake.

That ended the struggle for the 100th Monkey effect which would never have time to happen during what’s left of the activation window.

Tara will ascend. The thousands of spaceships around the sun that are fully visible to Urth inhabitants are there to assure that. A few Lost Souls of Tara will ascend with her.

But only those who have taken action in this life to stand for what is right without fear of consequence. Either you are willing to die to maintain the principles of the Law of ONE, or you will have already failed the separation. That doesn’t mean drawing blood necessarily, but it could in the right instance.

Regardless, you must be willing to stand up and stop the crime, or you are simply not yet ready to join a collective elsewhere where they have already made such a stance in their worlds and paid whatever price it cost in order to live in harmony and balance.

The separation may happen right on schedule on 12/21/22, or it could happen in less than 2 years from now. It could also not happen for another 10 years or not at all, according to how it was explained to me. That is partially why the battlecrafts are up there now; to assure that if the collective actions of the lifeforce on the planet is not in support of the ascension, that they be removed from the equation.

Understand that Tara has plenty of 2nd Density frequency now to make the move all on her own. It is the lifeforce that will not all make it. And what they do, what they say, what they support has everything to do with how soon, or how long this process will take. The stargroups assigned to the task of ushering her from the last time matrix and into the Aqueous Sun matrix are patient, but they will not just sit there and allow the low frequency of mankind to hold this complete separation off indefinitely.

Also understand that “time” for the ascension window doesn’t work like a chronograph. The Time Dilation put into place by Chronus is coming to an end now for this planet, which was a manipulated construct to hold the frequency of the human collective at a certain spectrum within the harmonic scale. How energies work celestially is not one click of the second hand of the clock like you now think, but rather ebbs and flows. The more energy that is generated by the particles involved, the faster “time” functions, as there is simply more energy to power the platform. Of course, this means that conversely the less energy involved, the slower things progress.

Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

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