Published May 29, 2019 by tindertender

That’s right, salt grows on the building-block architecture of creation, and salt is factually edible crystal.

Notice that the cubes are perfectly square, and each one is created with geometric symbols indented with very concise patterns which become much more refined and distinct the deeper into the structure you go. This was not by accident. Salt, as you are about to learn now, is crystal, which means it is extremely high in frequency and incredibly saturated with energy.

Salt was used to ward off evil spirits for eons of time in ancient traditions, as in circles around one surrounded by such demons, tossed over the shoulder for good luck, etc.

The fluid in the human body is equivalent to seawater in saline content (salt) and without it, the person would immediately die. Never let a physician tell you to “cut back on salt” without answering why it is your body already has 40 tablespoons of salt in it now and somehow you aren’t dying of a heart-attack.

This is a vicious lie they pass on to lower your immune system, making you susceptible to more disease and increasing your visits to their office. Table salt is poison. Black lava sea salt is power in pure form and is not dangerous to health.

Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne


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