Signature Spirit Essences

Published May 23, 2019 by tindertender

The astral fields are where millions of disembodied Signature Spirit Essences typically exist. These beings are experiencing an unfortunate existence where they have been disconnected from the Avatar they once had, then lost. This can happen many ways.

Usually when one loses their Avatar (manifest body), they are still able to reconnect to a new body within whichever 15 Level Time Matrix they have originally manifested within.

However, if something happens to that body that places even ONE DNA cell of that body OUTSIDE of that Time Matrix for whatever reason, then there is no way you can physically get another “whole” body again that is yours under what is known as your “Birth Right” as being yours and yours alone under sovereign interdimensional law.

When you go down inside of any Time Matrix, you choose your birth mother, father, where you will be raised, what your conditions will be, which geolocation you will be nurtured in, your societal position, and so forth. Each one of these conditions are agreed upon before you enter the time matrix.

Each Signature Spirit Essence who enters into agreement with you will SINE-wave their Signature Spirit Essence to the contract, much like a thumb print that is yours alone throughout the cosmaya. This is known as a Soul-Integration Birthing Contract.

Once you have SINED for this experience and all of the guarantees are in place for your protection while your AWARENESS is going to experience a LIMITED FIELD OF ABILITY within that particular type of Time Matrix, then there is a pale silver chord which is created that links your highest self’s energy field to the PRANA seed(your Heart) of your manifestation which will be placed inside of a biological being.

That being is YOURS UNDER CONTRACT. It is NO ONE ELSE’S to inhabit and there are EXTREMELY STRICT RULES that makes sure that it is SOVEREIGN where you and you alone can allow someone else to enter your “house” or not for any reason.

This is why you see “vampires” unable to step inside someone’s home without being invited inside first. The protection is very real and in place within your Time Matrix.

Think of your Avatar like a living car. You can drive it, because it is yours and you have the keys. If someone else were to take your car, you wouldn’t be able to get inside of it and go to town. It is the same thing with an Avatar.

If you allow someone else to use the keys,you are stranded, or even worse,a hostage.Avatars are your manifest vehicle while inside of a physical reality field. You have the keys. If someone asks to borrow your car,you hand them the keys if you wish to allow them to use it.

It is FREE WILL whether or not you choose to let them do so. Now, imagine you are tricked into handing them your keys for one reason or another and then they disappear with your car with you locked in the trunk.

Now you don’t have your keys and someone else does, and it was all FREE WILL that you allowed them to do this, even though they TRICKED you into obtaining them. This is STILL FREE WILL.

That means that your Avatar can be inhabited the same way through trickery and deceit. Keep this in mind.

Ghosts have no way to “live”. They just observe life around them. Since they are energy and not physical, you can’t “see” them. But they exist all around you and typically live in the more interesting realities of the Astral Fields.

These Astral Fields are counterfeit, and are there as outlaws so-to-speak.

The places there are not supposed to be there and there are millions of different “universes inside of this universe” where different realities are being experienced by disembodied Signature Spirit Essences who are locked into the dimensions and MID-dimensions that exist in your Time Matrix.

~ Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

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