Merkaba Body

Published May 15, 2019 by tindertender

Biblical “wheels within wheels” actually stands for “spheres within spheres” and represents your very real plasma body which is actually a Merkaba Vehicle. That allows you to visit any Dimension within a 15 Level Time Matrix within “creation”.

“Creation” is merely a holographic “real” virtual reality field that has been created by photons commanded to “be” a certain thing, allowing you to experience “physical” interaction with “life” around you.

You are a Sentient representation of one “personality” of the unified field you call “god”, one representation of a group of preferences who chose to experience life while “physically” manifest.

You are pure awareness, with no hands or feet or lips to press against another part of your own awareness who has chosen to become “real” inside of the constrictions of limited sense so that they may experience “living” a “real” existence.

15 Level Time Matrices allow you to experience anything that you want, so you can continue to evolve your own unique personality and grow into a higher and higher level of perspective regarding interaction.

A Merkaba Vehicle is the plasma body surrounding your physical body that just like “UFOs”, are invisible to the human visible spectrum, but are just as “real” as your physical body. It is known in scientific fields as a “Torus” field of energy that is very much real.

It is the broadcast antenna and receiving antenna of both who you truly are and what the real world is around you.

This is the conduit for your awareness to enter into a 15 Level Time Matrix in a sentient, and aware manifestation to communicate with those who are under contract to “be” or “remain” inside of the Time Matrix through a series of 15 different “dimensions” of manifestation.

And, just as a video game, your awareness is present to learn every nuance of life through each “dimension” or “level” before you are allowed to move to the next higher level.

You, as a “human” being, are now at the end of this level of the “game”, and are facing the very real step of moving from Dimension 3 to Dimension 4.

Your Merkaba field, or Torus field is the BODY of your Signature Spirit Essence or “Qubit Sphere” in quantum computer speak, of the collective essence of “who you are”.

And that truth is being broadcast to every single thing around you within a 35 ft radius of what your true heart and intent is, while collecting the information of all things within that range of exactly what and who they all are.

Whether it be a grain of sand or a table or a person or tree. All things have Merkaba fields, and all things are interconnected through the unified field around you through this medium.

~ Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

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