Joining Nature, Doing It’s Thing

Published May 11, 2019 by tindertender

I love the fact that my dogs are so well trained I have not had to use an alarm clock for yeeeeaaars. Every morning, faithfully at 5, they nudge me awake, eager for potty and breakfast. I must add that waking to the wet noses of my fur kids is the best way to wake!

Toby needs to go to the vet for blood work this morning. Thyroid meds won’t be refilled until his levels are checked. The appointment is at ten a.m. which means I’ve been wasting time lolly gagging on this computer since five o’clock.

All I really want to do is find a patch of grass, or a level spot for my new folding chair by the river to kick back and relax on. Since it is nearly 9, there isn’t much more time to wait for the daily adventure to begin.

A friend went to Spain and recently posted photos of the sky there. I am glad to see it isn’t just the United States messing with the weather, although, that also means the damages being done to the planet are magnified. I wonder why they cannot see what the chemical products are doing to the soil and plant life? Perhaps they do and simply do not care for they know this is only delaying the inevitable.

In the past (and occasionally still) I have gotten very upset by the covert operations (meaning, not talked about publicly, but info is available should one look deep enough). The thought seems to be, “If we don’t talk of it, people will not ask questions”. Looking into history we see plain the slick, edging around potentially dangerous topics. And we have seen with our own eyes what those dangers are. It may not be processed consciously, but it is seen none-the-less.

It looks like the switching of the guard is about to take place. There will be no announcement, but if you are in touch with the senses, it is felt.

Geomagnetic storms and disruptions are occurring now which are tossing the emotional balance of humans around like candy at a parade. It amazes me. Those affected (all biological life forms) are pouring emotional energy into the system … anger, sadness, confusion, chaos, fear.

There are those in this world who feed on the chaotic energy emission from humans. The best thing one can do is learn to breath as the emotional energy reaches crescendo and then subsides. It always does … watch it as it arrives. Breathe and watch as it peaks and then wanes. It doesn’t take long to pass once the breath is applied. (Although at times it can feel like it takes forever).

This is the surest way to deflate the negative affects trying so hard to be born from these ‘situations’. Also, it is one of the best ways to assist your fellow human, for by deflating the energy less harm will be wrought upon society. While negative energy will cause damage to personal circles, those who feed on the blown up and birthed negativity will become stronger and therefore cause much more damage than your minor fit will.

Control your emotions and you begin to harness your creativity at a new level. Choices become clear, and decisions which have more benefit are made, rather than their opposite.

The human ability to form reality is shared by all … the reality we see is what we’ve created collectively. If it isn’t what was intended, then double down efforts … one must be in the flow rather than being forceful.

Force brings with it troubles. Flow brings with it ease.


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