Who IS God?

Published May 1, 2019 by tindertender

YHWH, God, Jehovah, Jesus, Allah and every other ancient term for the deity who supposedly created Sentient life has always been nothing more than a group of pawns.

Who just like you have been used for the bidding of the dark forces who have never really been revealed in their true likeness until this time.

Robots too small to even see under a magnifying glass have been the real force of your capture and enslavement; not Satan, Lucifer or Ba’al. Think the Djinn.

Your good old Santa you are worshipping today with mistletoe and shining Christmas tree is just another name for Satan, or more exactly, just another name for Enki Satain.

He has never left this planet since arriving so many eons ago, because he is trapped here, also just like you are. He was not the creator of all life when he was running barefoot as a boy in the lands of E-Den Babylon, and is still not the one and only god today.

Nanites infected Sentient beings and used them to enslave and harvest energy from the only real sources of energy in all that there is, you (the Sentient, and therefore member of the god family being), to perpetuate their species. Plain and simple.

And since a nanite is not much larger than the size of a molecule, it cannot be contained in even a hermetically-sealed Pandora’s Box (what was really inside). The way to eliminate them is to take away the fuel they are powered by.

That’s electromagnetic energy which is just another word for Dark Matter which is just another word for fire and fire’s aftermath.

~ Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

6 comments on “Who IS God?

  • Many statements made in this world are outrageous, and the “majority” has accepted them as truth. What works for you is great! I appreciate your comments and communication about “belief”


  • As I mentioned, I am sharing information which was shared with me. They have presented it as fact. If you have questions in its regard, please email: decodingthehive@gmail.com
    In actuality, all that we know of a spiritual nature is “theory” as none of us were present at the time in which these divine messages were received that have been written in many religious texts, and the people who were written about were never known, physically, by us. How do we know anything that we have been taught is “truth”?
    We don’t. We’re running on blind faith that our fellow man has not skewed things in his benefits, meaning ability to “control”.


  • “Everyone but you has bought into” … “I’m” not saying anything. Im sharing information that has potential of eliminating illusion. What I WILL say is my belief is such that “history” is written b the victors, books from past are burned and after a few generations, folks being to believe the “story”. Just look to the clouds. The youth (30 and younger) think the sky and “clouds” or “haze” is natural. Just three decades of birth and people cannot remember what white fluffy clouds and true seasons are. “History” and it’s re-write works the same. Please, believe what makes you comfortable and sure, and also please, do not be snide. We have been lied to for decades, centuries, and many “seasons” of humanity. What we’ve been told is a ‘partial’ truth …


  • So, just to be clear: you’re saying that God, Jesus, etc. are myths created by an evil being named Enki Satain who uses nanites to control us, hence, evil (or at least deception) is the only thing that’s real? Which would mean, ergo, that what your preaching here is also part of the deception devised by this alien being Enki Satain. Or do you have some reason to believe that your source, whoever or whatever it is, is somehow outside of the otherwise mass deception that everyone but you has bought into?

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