The “Silver Cord”

Published May 1, 2019 by tindertender

The part of the Elohim’s eternal template is called the Krystos code where the unlimited standing energy of god-source is channeled into that template through the carbon silicate matrix of its life-flow or “blood” that runs through its veins through a connection you have heard called the “silver thread”. This thread is real, and it is an invisible scalar wave that is attached between the plasma body of the highest self in the Deity Planes, to the plasma body of the manifest self.

This eternal life-force powers an avatar that will never deteriorate, never age past the age of 32, and never die unless the heart of the avatar is destroyed where the prana seed of that being is erased.

The prana seed being the “Quibit Sphere” in quantum computer-speak, that holds the entire data-base of the preferences and personality traits of all that make that Signature Spirit Essence unique.

Wounds heal themselves, hands grow back, faces grow back, and effectively there is little way that being could ever find itself in fall, what you call dying.

Even if it did, the silicate matrix of all things around you carry the harmonic code of your prana seed within them as part of their memory, meaning that being, unless it had chosen Calle Rama Stepback (Bardo Return) and chose willingly to lose its identity, it could simply grow a new body. Eternal is pretty much, just that. Eternal within the parameters of the cycles of creation.

~ Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

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