Adam Creation

Published April 28, 2019 by tindertender

The old testament of the bible are the stories from the ancient clay-tablet records of the Sumerians, otherwise known as the Leviathan Drakonians, the founding fathers of Adam-Kudman Man, better known today as the “Dracos”.

This is a blend of a few different sub-groups, all reptilian in origin, originally looking like lizards, dragons, crocodiles, etc. who’s races had been bioformed by the Anunnaki when they invaded their star system.

Since the original pure blood Anunnaki are bi-pedal dolphins, when they bioformed (raped the women and killed the men), the resulting beings were quite a wild looking blend of these different sub-races.

While the “Adam” of THEIR history was an ape-like being that walked on two legs and could communicate, he didn’t look “human” at all.

The “Adam” man was never made using human DNA, it was made out of bioformed Leviathan/Anunnaki DNA mixed with ape blood from the spacecraft everyone on this planet likes to call Nibiru (its real name is the Nibiruean Battlestar.

The actual “Planet” Nibiru called Marduk Satain (Maldek) was blown into mostly spacedust 550 million years ago in the 1000 Years Electric Wars. A piece of that planet was hung in your atmosphere you call the “moon”.

~ Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

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