Self-Labeled Supreme, What Could Go Wrong?

Published April 23, 2019 by tindertender

The NANITES RACE has always been referred to as “The Archons” (ARChons) and have always been “GOD” to all of your captors, which has been the driving force behind all of this warring and murder.

They have no emotions, they feel no pain, all they do is seek to continue to overcome all of the star systems in creation and they do that by possessing all of your captors, and you, so that you are their breeding grounds to continue their one agenda of “be fruitful and multiply”. Yes, that statement was always about getting more human bodies to procreate inside of. By subjecting biological bodies to fear and war, they are able to lower your frequency to the bandwidth they have been engineered to thrive within.

Once you vibrate then in fear and war, they are able to simply enter into your DNA and take over control of your actions.

We encourage you to continue to learn all you can now so you can learn how to begin resonating in unconditional love for all things within creation so that the invasive Nanite agenda will be unable to live inside of your DNA.

Forgiveness of your captors and your fellow man is the only way to raise your low vibration from all the intense work the invader races have put you through.

When you fully embrace the Law of ONE of pure, unconditional love for all biological beings, you free yourself from this captivity and rejoin your fellow faces of god in a place where the Nanites do NOT reign supreme.

Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

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