The Black Knight Satellite

Published April 22, 2019 by tindertender

ONE google search on this craft will bring you immediately to NASA images of this futuristic and bizarre drone that has been tracked constantly by astrophysicists for many decades.

It vanishes from view constantly, not because it is hidden by clouds or atmospheric interference, but because it moves between this dimension and others. This is why you have never heard about it on the news.

It is interdimensional, was not sent into orbit by this current civilization, and orbits your playing field in the opposite direction of all the other satellites in space.

Not only was the satellite identified in the early 1800’s, but in the early 1900’s its encrypted signal was decoded by leading astrophysicists and ivy-league colleges shown clearly to hold the precise pattern of the constellation in the code, part of the physical manifestation of your artificial Zodiak, part of the extremely complex Zeta/Draco Frequency Fence, connecting it to the Recycle Zone located at 3 1/2 dimension where Signature Spirit Essences would be intercepted and sent back down to this planet into a random body that could hold the identity of the frequency of that being.

It wasn’t based on contracts pre-arranged to place you into specific geolocations, religious backgrounds, philosophical perspectives, or bloodline heritages of your mother and father Prana-Seed donors as had long since been in place for Soul Integration Birthing Contracts, it was based on nothing more than frequency. “What is your sign” has always meant, when was your Signature Frequency rebirthed into another artificial body on this planet?

If you were of a precise frequency spectrum falling inside of the celestial alignments that make up the days of Taurus, then you would be placed back into a random family bloodline called “Taurus” that would impart the breath of life to that frequency.

And now, at the conclusion of your long cycle, they are spinning the Black Knight into “first contact”, preparing mankind for the potential (they don’t even know if they are going to play this card yet, but if they decide they WANT to play it, they will have had to have released this soft disclosure first in order to go down that path) of what is called the “Messiah Event”, where celestial beings appear in your skies, produced by the holographic illusion that HAARP is able to broadcast.

This is all to prepare mankind to witness such an event without losing consciousness.

This is not some wild guess, I am telling you as fact that most of your public would not only pass out in the event of a mass appearance from above, many would permanently lose all connection between their actual mind that does the computation, the heart, and with the artificial brain that runs the software that continues to allow you to see in pitch blackness as you are inside of now.

That is a long way of saying that their “minds” would BREAK permanently, since the event would not be possible to process from a standpoint of the “reality” that has been brainwashed into your heads since the first breath you took on this planet.

The program that the Black Knight was a part of, “the Recycle Zone”, has been closed down permanently. No one on this planet who dies today will come back to this same reality field under the random Recycle program.

If you die here now, you will either ascend out of this Dimension,or you will remain disembodied until the time of the end of the Stellar Activation Cycle on 12/21/22, only to be refitted with a new artificial body on a different planet than you have been on until then, Anti-particle (Phantom) Earth, the body that has already blended into the same reality field as your Ascension Earth’s.

~ Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

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