Invader Races and the Hydro Suspension Dome

Published April 20, 2019 by tindertender

Some of the Main Invader Races are as follows:

798 K.Y.A. (798 thousand years ago) FROM OMEGA CENTAURI later NIBIRU: ENLIL LEVIATHAN “ODEDICRON” ANUNNAKI GROUP (Biblical Times: Sumerians, Atlas, Romulus, Horus, Enlil) made up of Leviathan Insectoids, Avian-Reptiles (Aquatic-Ape, Crocodiles, Birds, Reptilians, Beatles, Mantids, Gargoyles) Infiltrated Human lines: Germans, Egyptians, Incans, Native Americans, Mexicans, Hawaiians, Polyesians, South Americans, South Africans, Greeks, England, Germans. Run the Nights Templars, FreeMasons, GALACTIC FEDERATION, ASHTAR COMMAND, Illuminati, Voo-Doo, Crocodile Cults, Falcon Cults, Christian Churches.

Hybrids are called REPTILIANS.

570 M.Y.A.(570 Million Years ago) FROM LYRA-ARAMATENA: The ANU-“ELOHIM” ARCHANGEL MICHAEL GROUP “THE MICHALUBE, SUNS OF BAAL” created by the “Anu”hazi Yanas Eternal Gestalts 950 B.Y.A. (Felines Called Lionids) Created the Necromitons, Nephilim, Jehova Anunnaki and remain the ultimate authority figurehead of all invader races.

The Earth is an Oblate Spheroid with a “Hydro Suspension Dome”.

The reason why it’s there is to moderate the temperatures in the atmosphere of this planet and it’s created by Hydrogen.

The dome is made up of Hydrogen depleted ice crystals that forms what is like “ice”. That is what stands between you and Space. NASA likes to call this the “Troposphere”.

This is why Every Rocket, and Space Shuttle that has entered into space has to break through the “ice” at a precise angle. They never go straight up, because they’ll bounce right off of it.

Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

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