Published April 18, 2019 by tindertender

One of the two significant alien implants in what we call the human body today is the Vagus Nerve. The other one is the Reptilian Brain, were designed by the Nanites and implemented by the Alpha Drakonians who are experts at genetic engineering.

The top section of the Vagus called a brain stem IS the reptilian brain as seen in the GREEN AREA in the graphic just shown a moment ago, below the organic computer-assist brain within the physical body.

The artificial reptilian brain plugs into the computer-assist brain, sending FIRE LETTER code signals to the major organs of the body, causing them to artificially break down, which engineers the dis-ease called DEATH.

The Vagus Nerve and the Reptilian Brain implants are effectively huge parasites that disconnect the Krystos (eternal-life code) biological mechanism from being able to suspend life indefinitely.

These two work in harmony in the radio frequency spectrum of the Nanites, allowing them to control the neuroplasticity (manipulation) of thought.

DNA-command Plasticity signals from the artificial brain tricks your actual mind (your heart) into easily accepting changes in your environment and habitat that you would otherwise naturally recoil at. (Think of this like a few shots of vodka to the heart mind.)

Once you are content with a totally foreign thought paradigm, the alien software that regulates this artificial brain then releases corticotropin, a neurotransmitter that sends signals to your limbs to control your motor functions to physically act out in ways that you would otherwise never imagine doing. And medical science does know that is the function of this section of the brain that reduces humans down to carrying out actions that are sometimes indistinguishable from those of wild animals.

Those actions are not generated by the actual mind, your prana seed, we refer to as our heart.

~ Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

2 comments on “VAGUS NERVE

  • There is no scientific proof. It could be the wild imaginings of someone. It could be (what they say) is relayed information by “spirit/guide” or sent by any number of channeled informers. I’m not posting in the hope of convincing anyone. I’m in process of expanding mind to possibilities and the wilder it seems the bigger the potential of its truth. We’ve seen plainly that the “powers that be” on this earth are more comfortable with lies than transparency, so I glean here, and I glean there.


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