Hello and Good-bye, Never Lasts Forever

Published April 18, 2019 by tindertender

Today the computer program I use at work had some pretty massive updates. During this “waiting” period, a very tiny beetle landed in front of me near my keyboard. I watched as it stretched it wings, and then folded them in, a few times.

It is very dry in the building I work in so I put a little water on the desk to offer it a drink. Once it found the water it stood there and drank deeply, who knows how long it had been since it had a drink.

Upon drinking it’s fill, it started having convulsions, like mini seizures. I cupped my hands around it and sent it warmth and comfort. After a short time, it’s legs folded underneath it one last time and it died. After looking through the loop to be certain it had died, I cradled it in my hands and took it outside …. I laid it to rest upon the earth and said good-bye. I am glad it chose me to spend its final moments with.

I do not look at life as I once did. As a meat eater I did not have much value to place upon the idea of life. When I stopped eating meat a few years back, LIFE took on a whole new meaning to me. Not just the cows, pigs and chickens, but the children, the fishy things (all of them) and the rest of the birds and squirrels and all other life forms. My self-love began to blossom as well, as I found respect for me in relation to the choices I was making.

My sensitivity levels have grown too. Cutting out the television and the news (as far as the preprogrammed dribble that gets pumped into households for an exorbitant monthly fee) and other fake “programming” has helped tremendously as far as taking back my time … and my mind.

Connection to the subtle realms has increased, as has my intuition and all other senses.

The world is not perfect, we know this by the shows we are given to watch, and the events we are buying into with our attention. The more we fill our minds with this catastrophic reality, the firmer it’s birth into this world.

Those who feed on pain and fear will give you the “programming” filled to the brim with it, and it will be birthed in your life and in the lives of others. The only way to combat it is to cut it off, eliminate it from the scheduled “time off” or the time you call “relaxation”. You may think you are at ease but you are being desensitized to violence in many avenues, you are being manipulated to increase the suffering in this world, or at least to NOT be too affected when you see injustices … it’s just a movie, man … a real movie.

On the way home I thought I might build a fire outside and finally burn that old picnic table, but upon arrival I discovered that my chair had other plans for me. HA! Since this is the case, it looks like you may have opportunity to listen to my personal dribble … if you’d rather not watch television … 😉. Or perhaps read up on things I find interesting, things that you might find interesting too.

It’s all about mind expansion. Facts proven by science are not needed at this time. What IS needed is for the blockages put in place of the many minds in this world to be dissolved. If you think something sounds too far out, it may be, but the limits of imagination will be stretched a little further from where the boundaries once were if you play even a little with possibilities. And soon you will begin to see things you hadn’t noticed before.

Best. Gift. Ever.

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