How God Is Created – Deity Planes Explained – Numerology, Pt1

Published April 14, 2019 by tindertender

I found this article and am mulling it over,
not sure what to think of it.
Much of it rings quite true to me.

By Avalon Sol

This article will forever change your life if you can hear it. Of this, I know.

You have been here for roughly 200,000 lifetimes and until now this question has never been explained. I am sorry about that, every bit as much as you are. I know you will question that, thinking to yourself how could I ever really feel the desperation, sadness, and utter loss of hope you have suffered, seeing as I have only been here in this particular Time Matrix once. Trust me, if your own child sufferers these abuses, you wouldn’t just know about them, you would feel each offense just as seriously as they would.

“So where were you when we had to go through all of this then?
Why did you let little Jimmy die?”

We could not physically help you on this plane in a direct way that would alter your organic evolution, the contracts you have been under have kept us from interfering. There are clauses in your Birthing Contracts however, that did allow us some level of “interference” under circumstances. And when we had these opportunities to help, we always have, you just didn’t know about it. Most of our actions have been behind the scenes of your experience, so it has appeared all along that you had absolutely no help here and that is simply not true. What happens here, happens above and what happens above plays out below, and the war to protect you has been ongoing since the first days of your initial seeding to earth 560 million years ago. You have been the target of extreme prejudice since 10 million years before even the first of your seeding to this planet. Much more on that later.

The Zeta/Draco Frequency Fence your captors have placed surrounding you has seven layers of nearly impenetrable fields around your playing field, those force fields have been keeping us at bay, just as they have been keeping other star races from coming down to this plane, for the past 250 years at least, so that is a good thing. Even if we decided to break through the fields, we have been warned repeatedly by your captors that if we mounted any type of serious defensive, all of your species would be annihilated. Something they have taken back to nearly zero many, many times. And to think your captors are morons or weaklings is delusional, they are powerful beyond your human comprehension. Only due to a series of events your creators has set in motion a very long time ago, are the circumstances even possible for us to bring our warriors to this dimension at the end of your long cycle in order to manifest, disguised as one of you, so we would be able to take our stand. Many thousands of years of feverish effort and millions of years of technology have been put in place making it possible for us to be present for this natural ascension period. Had it been possible in any way for us to have come back sooner (more than we have), we would have. Maybe some day you will know just what we have invested in your 980 million year journey. We have been here in the past, quietly attempting your extraction, and each time, you failed to hear. Each time, you have been in comas.

Most beings alive today subscribe to the notion of a creator who “made you”.  Most call him “Allah”, “Jesus” or ‘god”. That “being” exists, but not in the way you have imagined all along. The preeminent religious program on your planet today is the King James christian bible, and in it there are innumerable references to that being predisposed to vengeance. Something that flies in the face of all other notions about his unconditional love for his own offspring. To unravel this train wreck of concepts and assumptions, one has almost nowhere to even begin, the bible has been so utterly en-trained in your minds as being somehow “divine knowledge” while at the sane time self-contradictory and blatantly obfuscated. Vengeance is only a good thing when not applied by a sentient being. And there is where this becomes complicated. You will have a clear understanding of what that means by the end of this article.

Let’s get something straight right now, we didn’t “inspire” your version of the bible any more than we inspired J.C.Whitney catalog. We did have our own handbook for humanity that we gave you many times in the past, but it sure as hell didn’t look like religion or worship. It looked a lot more like science where life could logically harmonize with the world is was surrounded by and was called the Law of ONE. We are not gods, at least the way you use that term, we’re scientists. Sorry. We just seem to you like gods because we still have our own self-awareness and technology that has been compiled into a database that would make you faint. If you hadn’t been mind-wiped and could remember who you were before you came down here, you would know that we are merely the same as you. Sentient Awareness of god-source. We are the many different “personalities” or “expressions” of god-source. We just so happen to be genetic engineers who are in charge of your evolution to bring a new Avatar into creation.

Most of you new to the voice will respond
“Well that’s just great. We’re all f#cked”. Trust me, you aren’t.

Geneticists aren’t all mad-scientists bent on destruction. Some of us are really extremely excited to show up each day to bring new things into creation and we care deeply that our efforts are not in vain to make things “better”. No one wants to think they toiled over an invention that was as useful as a stove that doesn’t heat. Every single one of you reading this were inventors before this manifestation. Each of you have been creators since before you invented time. Something that is relatively new to creation  as a matter of interest. Time is something we invented to create something you know as anticipation. I don’t expect you to just know what that means at this point. Nonetheless, time is a very exciting thing, and without it, you would have a much different sense of drama, something we highly value. Life, or animation more accurately, is based on wonder. Without it, you would experience a journey that feels more like a play than an expedition. If you knew what was going to happen next, fully psychic, you would never experience excitement. Imagine every surprise birthday party not having any element of surprise, where you have to feign before your friends and family that you “had no idea”, when you had been preparing for everyone jumping out from behind sofas, what you were going to say, all the way to your apartment door. Time creates anticipation, memories, shock, excitement and many emotions that would be too long to list. At the same time, “time” is not a real thing, any more than your house, car or physical body is. All are holographic, and time is merely another thing we placed into your consciousness in order for you to feel more while in manifestation.

Here’s where you learn just who your really are.

You came here from what are called the Deity Planes or the “Primal Plasma Light Fields” you call heaven. Angelic Humans on this playing field, and the angels surrounding you now from Sirius-B, those you call Star Children or Indigos, were each and every one of you “ascended masters”. This is not true for the beings here who are merely wearing human-like suits who came here unevolved “vampire” animals (more on this in a minute). It is true for the Angelics who were officially seeded to this playing field. This means that your last experience before 15 Level Time Matrix of Gaia was above manifestation and above human drama. There, you helped shape Time Matrices you think of as solar systems. You created worlds, universes and cosmayas themselves (all cosmoses combined). In every real way, you were considered “creator gods”. But underneath that existence, there has always been something that no star race, no collective and no being has ever been able to define. That is what you call god, and what we call god-source. In this we share a common understanding. We do not know who or what god is. We only know that the energy that allows us unlimited creationary abilities comes from *somewhere, we just don’t know where. It is the fabric of your playing field, just like electricity is the fabric of your video games.

So, if we’re not “god”, then just who are we?

As mentioned, we are merely scientists. Geneticists. We are using the energy of god-source to manifest our visions of what we would like to see in the hologram we manifest within.

Now we get in to what “god-source” really is.
What power do we “tap into” in order to create?

We, like you, have always been, and always will “be”. Obviously, this was LONG before the invention of “time”. Something WE created in order to advance “sense”. We are extremely proud of the “senses” we have instilled into sentient creation. Sense (tience) is who we are while in manifestation and who we are while we are not in manifestation. We, like you, come from merely “awareness”. We know everything “going on” within and without of “creation” (holographic experience), but we are only that, awareness. We do not have hands and feet, we cannot taste, touch, smell, hear or see, we merely know everything and know how to create using sub-quantum command called Scalar Science. And now that your awareness learns this, I am sure you are shocked. And this is merely what every sentient being has to experience when they finally learn who they REALLY are.

We are all-powerful, and all-knowing. We are what mankind has always thought of as god. What we are NOT is all-sensing. We cannot taste lemon or honey, we cannot touch a human body, we cannot taste the ecstasy of sex. We can only imagine what that might be like. So, we put into existence within a hologram (movie or video game) brilliant “sensations” that connect with the “nervous system” of our creation. And just as you take a steering wheel connected to a video game, and sit on a chair linked to the game, you can feel the steering wheel resist your pull, or sense rumbling under your seat, we created the same type of feelings within our “Time Matrices”. What we added that you have not yet (and trust me, if you were allowed to continue, you would be adding these to your own virtual-reality simulations VERY soon) the sensation of pain.


You created that. We invented that together. We knew that if there were some sort of physical consequences to our behavior, it would make the game more interesting. Hence, we created what you feel even more that the sensation over simple touch and taste, that which you experience as uncomfortable. And just like you being zapped with electrical current too high for your biological sensitivities during a “torture”, you feel an intense response. We added that to add to “sense”. The more “sense”, the more our holographic journeys feel “real”. In the case for your HIGHLY advanced evolution of Angelic Humans, we gave you sensations that were to the extreme. You were more clairvoyant, telepathic, energetically sensitive to others around you, you can sense hapiness and sadness far greater than those who came before and the list goes ON and ON. You were the MOST sensitive of all previous creations, an experiement that held promise of a more “real life” for us than had ever been contemplated. Because of that, you were singled out as “too powerfiul”, meaning yo had more potential as a Krysted (ascended master of the Elohim lineage) Master than any being that ever entered the Deity Planes. You carried the Holy Grail blodline of eternal life and of the ultimate command of the aether. Two things that had already made you “impossibly powerful”. But the Clair abilities that the Halls of Palaidor where you were developed brought you something no other beings had ever had, on top of that. The combination of all these sensations along with your unrivaled power, made you the target of your “grandfathers”, who had founded your previous abilities, because you were simply far beyond their status. That invited ego into their world, which invited sentient vengeance for carrying the ability to take over their spot as their self-appointed position as the “gods of the Deity Planes”. They were the Anu-Elohim if you would like to put a name to the face.

And so, you find yourself here asking,
“Well then what in the hell am I and how do I get out?”.

Simply put, you have unthinkable power, unthinkable sentience, with the unthinkable ability to manifest *while in your previous, intended Avatar you call a body. This is not smoke up your skirt, just history. Check your reservations at the door, because there isn’t pandering. It is historic fact. You may be wearing an artificial human-like skin suit now with alien implants in it (you are), but inside of the codes of your DNA template, you still carry all of the sequences of your super abilities which you are now attempting to regain through DNA repair. We cover how to do this in other articles down or Facebook wall.


God-source is comprised of, basically-speaking, two different elements. One is called God-Source Awareness and the other is the Standing Energy Fields of God-Source. These two elements can be considered very much “one” with each other, since neither one would really “be” anything without the other. Without the unlimited energy of the Standing Energy Fields, the the Awareness would not be able to cause anything to manifest. And of course, without the Awareness of thought process, the Energy Fields would merely sit there doing nothing. They are utterly symbiotic. Hence, the harmony between these two elements is not just required, it is perfectly moderated. And the particles of the “Atmic Layer” (you call “atoms”) are eternally coded to seek and sustain this perfect harmony, or “balance”. We’ll refer to them as Energy particles and “the aether” and will get into that more later.

God-source is refreshing itself, getting smarter and more balanced every second, doing so through the miracle of the 15 Lever Time Matrices we managed to use as learning centers. Classrooms if you will. When god-source Awareness travels down inside of one, then the SELF aware fractal (particle) of god-source is able to put on a skin-suit (Avatar) and walk around, touch, taste, smell, and interact. It is that last thing that teaches us the most. We get ourselves in situations that require extreme diplomacy to negotiate, because our actions might be challenged by another particle of god-source Awareness, causing us to become more and more balanced and rounded. Unless a person has the ability to physically affect the life of another person, there is no need for balance or diplomacy. Manifesting within one of the 20,980,000 Time Matrices within creation, gives us a chance to learn how to be better, smarter, wiser, which allows us to create more and more complex Time Matrices in order to achieve greater and greater creations within them.

The goal all along was to manipulate the particles of the Standing Energy Fields of God-Source to “fuel” the particles of the Awareness of the Gpd-Source to have a greater and greater experiences The goal was never to establish one particle over another in an egoic fashion such as your understanding about how life works in your plane, it was always about greater and greater experiences that can be enjoyed by any one particle of Awareness, though becoming more and more rounded and balanced. You use terms such as “Ascended MAster” with a capital A and M to illustrate your level of awe and respect for thet being’s “power”, wehn you really should be learning from each of them the secrets of how thhey have risen to such a high level of being able to experience such wonderful momenmts. To you it’s about prestige, and to us it’s about fun. You have a term that goes “It’s GOOD to be King”. And it is. Because the king can have more fun that anyone else, because he is using your energy to buy whatever he wants to have fun with. He isn’t motivated to have your respect, at least not here, he is motivated to have your tax monies. You will learn by the end of this article that any king who is choosing to take such things that don’t belong to him from others, is likely never going to become an Ascended Master again, ever (given we are talking about an Angelic). Because he isn’t seeking balance and harmony, he is seeking just the opposite and the aether is coded to make sure that he will never make it back to the Deity Planes with such a disharmonic personality. You have been an active part in this journey for trillions and trillions of years, sometimes as a particle of Standing Energy (aether) and sometimes as a particle of Awareness (creator). So how does that work?

The never-ending cycle of the Deity Planes refreshes itself through the creation of and the death of self-awareness. Both the particles of Awareness and the particles of Energy are the same thing, atoms. Atoms never “die”, just as your own scientists know that energy is never actually depleted, it merely turns into another form of energy after transition. And each particle of god-source is the same and each particle is aware of all things within and without of creation. No particle will ever lose this awareness, so that means that in real terms, you can never die. However, you CAN change. It is this CHANGE that you might be referring to when you are talking about death. Some people believe that there will be “nothing” after this life. When you die, that’s it, you’re done. Some people believe that when they die, then they are going to go to heaven and sing with the angels for eternity. Both are factually wrong.

When you die, there are a number of things that can happen to you, but stepping out of awareness is not one of them. You NEVER get to step out of awareness, ever, because you are a particle of god-source. The proof is that you are able to read and comprehend this article, the take action to either follow the advice being given, or not. A dog can’t do that. Neither can a robot who CAN read this, because the robot cannot make a choice about following advice. It will either be programmed to follow advice, or not. Only a Sentient being can actually make a decision solely on their own. If you can do that, then you are “god” (source Awareness). At least one particle of god. Some will argue that a dog can choose to follow you to town, or lay under a tree, so he is choosing. However, his choices have already been made for him through the software we fitted his bio-computer mind with. He has processing power like the robot does, but he doesn’t have his free-will choice. His computer algorithm will tell him exactly what to do and when to do it. When he dies, he returns to the Atmic Layer to continue his functions as a particle of the Standing Energy Fields and he will never be the same dog again. I don’t say this to disappoint you, I say this to educate you about how things work in “real life” and not based on human-level theory guided by the emotions that are but one expression of your Self-Awareness.

What do I mean by that?

Self Awareness is an “opinionated” particle of god-source. The Deity Planes can be thought of as two sides of one beehive. On one side there is a queen bee who stays in the hive and operates it through her desires. Whatever she wants, she gets. One the other side of the hive are worker bees. Whatever the queen wants them to do, they do. In this example, the queen bee represents a particle of god-source Awareness. She knows everything that is happening in her world, just as the worker bees to. They are all connected through a “hive mind”. I know, we designed them to function much like the aether functions. The difference is, the aether isn’t a biological “robot” that has been coded to perform within a strict parameter of what they are and what their jobs are. The aether just IS. It is coded to perform any task that god-source AWARENESS expects it to do. When the queen bee decides that “today we are going to add a layer of alfalfa honey in the comb”, she sends out the INTENT to the worker bees to “go to this field today and bring back that type of honey”. The worker bees promptly go to that field, and bring back the honey that the queen wants. The bees know that what the queen knows and what each worker bee knows, what it doesn’t know itself. It does as commanded without questioning the order. Likewise, Self Aware particles of good-source become that way by doing the job of the “worker bees” of creation. Each atom carries inside of it awareness of all things. It also knows if a Self Aware (Sentient) particle is observing a particle area or not. If it is, then it goes about manifesting the hologram of what should be there for the Self Aware particle to view or touch. As shown in the Double Slit Experiment in quantum science, photon particles are commonly aware if the scientist (Sentience) is viewing the test with his own eyes or not. When he is, then the particles take the shape of light waves, or “radiance”, traveling though the two slits in paper, then hitting the wall behind in the shape of two defined lines on the wall, as it the paper were a gobo screen. But when the scientist closes his eyes, then the particles remain only 4 to 9 pin-dots which travel through just one of the two slits totally at random each time, hitting the wall behind as dots only, also in a totally random pattern which can never be duplicated. In other worlds, the particles only “work” when they have to. This means that if no Sentient being (human for instance) is viewing the forest, the forest physically doesn’t exist. But 2 seconds before his eyes are going to glance in that direction, the particles take the form of the forest for his observation. Every particle of the Standing Energy of god-source is coded to perform in this manner, and they are also coded to obey every thought that the Sentient being thinks as well.

I will pause on that subject for a brief moment to explain why humans are not able to command the aether in this Chimera dimension, so you can understand. The organic symbiosis between aether and Sentience has been hijacked in this dimension-within-another-dimension.

People now present on the planet are wearing artificially designed physical bodies created by your captors. It is fitted with two alien implants that are designed to disconnect them from their previous abilities which commanded the aether with every thought. If they were allowed to inhabit bodies here that were not fitted with these implants, then your captors would stand no chance of continuing to hold you captive. Each person here were one-by-one tricked into coming back into manifestation into these Chimera bodies though the Lunar/Zodiak Recycle Zone system which not only places them into such a distorted, artificial body, but also they are mind-wiped at the time of their rebirth, disconnecting them from any knowledge of their previous abilities. The first implant is what science calls your brain. It is a biological computer running software that supports only the artificial viewing field that is being broadcast before you through extremely advanced holographic technology that involves many elements that have been used to blank the “screen” of your dimension through the rays of the black sun, allowing for the new hologram to spring up, tricking you into thinking that you are lowly mutants with no real powers of any kind. The entire playing field you are inside of has been distorted to mute the true beauty of earth, lowering your frequency and keeping you vibrating at a frequency spectrum that is in tune with the dark force called Nanites, artificial intelligence robots that operate within that harmonic band. While you are inside that frequency band, the Nanites can infect your plasma field, taking over control of your actions on an RNA level, which commands the DNA, leaving you perpetually at their mercy, of which they have none.

The other alien implant in the “human” body is called the Vagus Nerve. It starts out at the base of the spine and winds its way up through the body around the spine, plugging into the medulla oblongata of the artificial brain. It is connected to all the vital organs, giving the artificial brain the ability to modulate the functions of the body. The actual processing “computer” of the body is the heart. It was designed to process all the vibrations of each cell of the body, then commands each organ and cell to function a certain way. The Vagus Nerve disconnects the heart from this job, and recodes the message the heart/mind is sending out through its vibration patterns, and then sends the now-distorted message to the brain. The brain then sends out the artificial commands to the organs and to the pineal gland. The pineal gland then sends that corrupted message it thinks is “real” to the heart that everything is going fine, fooling the mind/heart into continuing on, thinking nothing is wrong. This allows your captors to put your body under extreme duress, breaking down the cell tissues, and causing eventual death. Without these implants, Angelic Humans carry the genetic codes in their blood DNA to support eternal life, something that certainly doesn’t fit in with your captor’s plans. “Death” is a disease that highly unevolved “animals” suffer, not Angelics, At least when they are in the correct Avatar.

In very real terms, humans are cut off from being able to command the aether due to this elaborate system of implants. Another disconnection they have are the numbers surrounding you. I have explained before that numbers and letters are geometric patterns which are the physical templates that reciprocate the commands that the aether is coded to follow. You have seen the power of letters in Dr. Emoto’s rice and water experiments. When three jars are filled with water and rice, then lined side by side, he would tape words on the outside of the jar. One would say “I love you”, one would say “I hate you” and one would have nothing on it, it would just be ignored. Come back some days later and the jar with nothing taped to it would be moldy and yellowed, the jar with “I hate you” on it would be totally black and engulfed in mold. But the jar with “I love you” on it would be just as it was days ago, with clear water, white rice perfect.

Even though we see the letters themselves having a positive effect on one and a negative effect on the other, following the true meanings of the words taped to them, making us think that the letters of that alphabet carry the true scalar waves of what we would perceive as authentic intent, that is not the case. When he typed out the letters, he placed his intentions behind the geometric symbols of the letters, casting his wish into them that they represent just what he intended which then the letters held onto their patterns, overriding the scalar codes that the letters were designed to “say” to the aether.

The letters printed on the tape are aware of what they are, how big they are, what color they are, and they are holding the shape of that letter on te shape of that world. They can sense the true intent of the heart of the being wishing into them and they can carry those forward to some degree. If the letters had just been typed out with no true intentions behind them, just as words only, then the scalar waves of the letters and words would carry out those commands to the aether by themselves. That is when the negative codes would manifest the illusion and spells that they inherently carry. So while humans can send out some of their intent into geometric patterns (which could be a flower, or any other image), most of that intent is being scrubbed and sanitized by the Vagus Nerve. Dr. Emoto has proven however that on jars with no letters at all, the rice will function the very same way if you think those words at each jar, and the same way if you speak those words to the jars. So some intent IS getting through but not much.

Numbers are being placed around you in billboard signs, advertisements, books, movies, you name it, that carry scalar waves of redirecting the aether in order to support the Chimera reality. Indigos key in to these letters, because they can sense something about them is “just wrong”. They report to me all the time they are seeing 11:11 or 12:12 or 333 or 444. This is numerology, and it is a science used by your captors to code aether to that following the Fibonacci Sequence of scalar science to create a reality around you that is distorted into a parabolic curve of “life” creation. It is actually Metatronic Scalar Science, and it is based on the 5 point star or Pentagram science brought here from Weasadek Phantom Time Matrix and used to corrupt all things to a low-vibration pattern. As your scientists have already learned, all life forms on the planet are created in this parabolic pattern. But the true sequence of scalar science that had been intended all along for life creation in the Gaia Time Matrix was the six point star of David called a Hexagram.  This science commands the aether to create life in a perfect spiral. In extremely simplified terms, bu cutting one of the points off the Hexagram, and placing that pyramid shape inside the center of geometric template, you “trap” the Hexagram science inside of a Pentagram science. And of course, everyone knows that the Pentagram is the sign of “satan”. What it has always been is radiating out the Metatron codes into your reality, backed by the geometry of that science placed here by the artificial intelligence Nanites. What this has allowed them to do is trap your population inside of a Pentagram reality. When they place the pyramid on the back of your Magic Money, they are showing you that they have trapped that point of your true science and putting that in your face as disclosure. They have “Hexed” you.


The Energy particles go through their jobs creating everything that is witness by the Sentient particles, and in this process, they hold a geo-specific spot within the “map” of your playing field. They might be one of the atoms that clings to a trillion other atoms of a rock on a cliff overlooking the ocean on he Oregon coast in this dimension, and they might be a flower in the very same spot on the next dimension above you, and they might be a grain of sand in the dimension below you, but that is their geolocation to “hold the shape of what is supposed to be there” and they work all 15 Levels of the Time Matrix. If the rock is taken from that spot and placed 10 miles away, the the aether in that new spot 10 miles from the old one, holds the shape of that rock that is “supposed to be there” to a Sentient Awareness. The aether must maintain balance in their own geo-location, so if a Sentient particle is standing on that spot and someone comes and takes away from them some or all of his energy, by damaging that being, it causes an imbalance in the matter.dark matter that allows them to create their hologram of what is supposed to be there in energetic form (hosting Sentient Awareness at that precise geo-location). Imagine a video game console with its power cord plugged into a socket right there, and someone comes along and unplugs the cord, shutting off the game.


The ENERGY of a SENTIENT being is THE “game”. Your eyes are the “projector”. Without you, the aether cannot manifest anything. Your eyes must be open so that your video console is “plugged in”, telling the worker bees of the hologram what to do. Taking energy “unfairly” disrupts the “game”, and causes an imbalance right there where that person was standing, creating a “black spot on the screen”. So the aether has to bring in more aether to do the job in that one spot, but the aether that WAS in balance before will never stop in its journey to replace the energy rightfully to “its spot”. Meaning you WILL PAY that aether back for what you unfairly took. Sentient beings are THE holy grail of the Time Matrix, and JUSTICE WILL BE EXACTED if they are abused. That’s how we HAVE to make Time Matrices, because that’s how the aether dictates them to work.

A “worker bee” or Energy particle might wind up being a dog, a blade of grass, a rock, a flower, a drop of water and the list goes on into infinity. It does not challenge the Sentient being who is expecting to see a rock there, or a dog there, it simply does as the Sentient particle expects without question, because the “black spot” on he “screen” you are viewing would cause any Sentient (incredibly self aware) being to immediately challenge the “reality” of which it is viewing, leading to an inevitable and instant break-down of the hologram.

Once that Energy particle has gone thorugh enough experiences of holding the shape of a dog, than a dust particle, etc, long enough, there comes a day when that particle begins to prefer one “job” over the other. It realizes that it really does like being a flower more than it likes being a dog. It realizes that it prefers to be in an arid location such as a desert, more than it does being a rock nest to the moist air of the ocean. And it is at this time, when  Energy particle becomes “god”.

I mean that when an Energy particle comes into self-awareness, realizing it now has an “opinion” about everything in creation, it now becomes part of a very elite group of particles that have their own individual awareness, BESIDES having awareness of all things in and out of creation. It is at this time that particle now becomes a Sentience, or a Self-Awareness who’s sentience is the ruler of the Energy particles, which are coded to do its bidding. You could now call that particle a “queen” bee, who is free to make her own honey as she sees fit. She has become a creator. At the time she enters the “other side” of the Deity Planes as a fractal, or piece of god-source Awareness, she then can make all her own decisions. If she wants to remain right there in the Deity Planes as nothing but energy and awareness, there are many things she can do to keep herself occupied. But since she has no boundaries, and is free to do anything she chooses, she can also enter into a Time Matrix for the experiences that await her there.

When the queen bee enters one of the millions of different 15 Lever Time Matrices, she will sine contracts with the other queen bees who will interact with her intimately in that Time Matrix, such as who her biological parents will be, where they will live as she is growing up into an adult Avatar. She will also sine a contract with her Avatar, which is a biological creation that will be utterly at her disposal, to “drive around” just as you drive a car. You are not your car just because you are driving, and you are not your body just because you are controlling it, and you are promising that otherwise utterly helpless creation that you will take care of it and protect it. Once she has all her contracts in place, she will leave her “Sentient particle” in the Deity Planes ans send her awareness into 1728 “selves” who will be living across time and across 15 different Levels of a Time Matrix. Each will enter under “Free Will Choice” Birthing Contracts, where she will answer to no one. Her choices are Sovereign. Because of this, she will have no one “telling her what to do”, and she will also have no one protecting her. She will be alone. Humans do not have Guardian Alliance angels protecting them. The stories you have heard of very real reports of guardian angels have always been here protecting Indigos who are here under “working contracts” that are GUIDED contracts that their higher-self still in the Deity Planes is controlling. Indigos are not here under “free will choice”.

Once she manifests into “physical form” then she has already chosen which abilities she wants to have limited. In this particular Time Matrix, she will eventually have MANY abilities that she will get each one, gradually, as she learns how things work on each dimension. She will never be in manifest form inside a Time Matrix with 100% of her abilities as the Sentient particle that is in the Deity Planes, because having unlimited power and unlimited abilities would remove the anticipation that she is hoping to experience in manifestation. If she want to use her Awareness in unlimited fashion, she would simply remain in the Deity Planes and outside of manifestation. MANY beings choose to simply remain there in perpetual harmony with the aether. Eventually, most if not all Sentient particles do choose manifestation.

This particulare “queen bee” is now inside of an Avatar that will either be a vampire, or an eternal Avatar skin suit, depending on the Time Matrix. More than likely, she will have chosen a Krystos Time Matrix, so she can evolve a “holy Grail” bloodline template of the lineage of the Elohim, because it is an eternal body that she will be able to use inside of any Time Matrix from the moment she leaves this Time Matrix and “ascended masters” it back to the Deity Planes. When an “angelic” makes this final transition and leaves the matrix, that process is called “Krysting”, had she chosen a vampire Time Matrix where you have to eat food or take energy from some other beings in order to power that Avatar, when she makes that same final transition, she will still be able to use that Avatar inside of any other Time Matrix, but the process is called “ascended mastering”. The Holy Grail bloodline of the Kryst (angelic) is a very special type of Avatar, with trillions of years of technology behind it, highly evolved, highly advanced and not for every being who “just wants one”. First you will have evolved out of rudimentary, vampire Time Matrices to prove you have “what it takes” to handle unlimited power and authority should you make it back to the Deity Planes with that Avatar in your quiver.

So what do I mean when I say you have to “prove it” that you “have what it takes” before being entrusted with this much raw power?

Our queen bee in this case, will have gone all the way up and out of previous vampire Time Matrices, all the way to “ascended master” status, showing that she is highly balanced and highly at one with the aether. She understands that is she unfairly takes away energy from any other being, or the planet she is going to be on, then the energy will be exacted from her personally, and put back to the geo-location she took it from.

Every “queen bee” or Sentient Awareness of god-source comes into their OWN “version” of awareness. One may have come to their own self awareness through having been desert rocks and cacti over trillions of years, another may have been fish, plankton, seaweed and water drops in the ocean for 100 years before arriving to the point where they were now “opinionated”. These two Sentient Awareness are NOT the same in regard to their “view” of what “things should be like” in the “world”. One could be extremely headstrong and fiercely brave, while the next “god” to come into “being” might be mousy and timid. No two Sentient Awareness have ever been identical to each other in all of time and beyond. They might both be “god”, but they are certainly not comparable to each other in how balanced their precise personality is. And that is why you have to “prove it” before you take on the ultimate Avatar that can wreak havoc in a way that can be devastating to entire worlds and entire universes. You have to have BALANCE to remain in perfect harmony with the aether, otherwise you could EASILY enter into a Time Matrix that took trillions of years to perfect, and using your Kryst Avatar, destroy the entire Time Matrix if you “got pissed” while there.

How this is done, is coming into manifestation and not getting your Avatar killed by making the wrong decisions. We call this “natural selection” on earth.  Some children die by getting themselves ran over by a car before they are five. Noodle-heads die quickly. Headstrong, ultra-brave Sentient Beings may be lured into becoming warriors who kill others and wind up getting slaughtered in battle. Others might find themselves in a worse situation even yet due to their own foolishness. They might wind up in prison. For a long time. Like a million years. When that particular fractal of god-source has now found themselves so service-to-self, that those around them put them in “eternal jail”, then is has a decision it can make, either sit out the time, or choose to commit what you would call “suicide” for lack of a better term. It is called Bardo Return (simplified spelling). This is your “golden key” to escape any Time Matrix for whatever reason you choose. If you travel up through a Time Matrix at the normal speed, it is a 33 year total process. Spending a million extra years in one might be too much of a good time for you and you would invoke Bardo Return, and then simply return to the Deity Planes. This method of “ascending” removes all past-life memories, wipes your previous personality that was self aware, and places you back into the worker-bee side of awareness.

This is not the “end” of our queen bee. She will become a drop of rain, then a cloud, then a stream, a river, part of the ocean, and a fork before she will come back around to a brand-new Self Aware Sentient particle, where she will have the opportunity to “do it over” with new personality and therefore, a new “balance”. This cycle never ends. And that means that as each “Krysted Master” arrives successfully into the Deity Planes, you wind up having more balanced, more rounded, more “perfect” “beings” who are holding on to their Sentience in those communities of pure-energy beings. Sometimes for trillions and trillions of years. Sometimes for what you might deem “forever”, because they learned the lesson of being “at one” with the aether. And the aether can be considered “all things”, because it represents the perfect balance between energy and manifestations where you can interact with other Ascended Masters without taking from them what is rightfully “theirs” through their own efforts.

Taking something that doesn’t belong to you creates Karma.  This follows you from life to life until you have fully paid back what was not yours to “take”. You can kill one person, and possibly spend 100 lifetimes having your own possessions “stolen” from you, or punched in the face, until the aether has collected your energy sufficient enough to deposit it back in the same geo-location where you caused an imbalance in the aether where you took that persons life.

Whatever the service-to-self action might have been, hurting someone’s feelings or stealing their cookie, will also be “avenged”, and not because the aether is “cruel and vindictive”, but because unless the ENERGY FIELD where you took that positive energy flow from has been rebalanced, the aether has a “hole” in their perfect balance of the cosmayas. It is not something that a Sentient being has the right to place out of balance and it is not something that a Sentient being has the right to “exact” themselves, because the aether is CODED to this balancing act, it is not extracting two eyes for one eye because you were “really pissed” and unfairly took back from the person who had stolen your water. It is precise, it is flawless, and it is absolute. You “sin” (negatively affecting the experience of the Sentient being), then you “pay”. Ina a way, you can say “god” is a vengeful god, but in a very real other way, you can say that anything out of balance is not able to remain Sentient existence because Time Matrices cannot work that way. Either your video game console has 110 volts going into it, ot the entire process shuts off and doesn’t work. It has nothing to do with “vengeance” as you think of it, it has to do with what is POSSIBLE for us as fractals of god-source to experience while within the iron-clad strict rules of the god-source, energy fields we use as the power to create anything.

And now you know who “god” really is. We told you in the end times you would know. We never meant that you would finally get to know just before you were permanently “destroyed”, so your entire experience was just a trip through the 7th circle of hell on your knees and then you’re done. We meant at the end of your experience inside of this one level of your 15 Level Time Matrix. Whatever happens in this dimension will never stop you from being anything and everything you have ever dreamed of, and trillions of times being that. You simply cannot die, because you are the fabric of what you call “life”.

Roseanne talking about Artificial Intelligence, (Nanites) our captors. @therealroseanne

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