Here, Or There

Published April 1, 2019 by tindertender

Getting stuck in chaotic situations or patterns happens to us all. Upon death, if you are in a chaotic pattern, what do you think happens? Speculations abound … many say they know … but do they, or is it merely opinion and perception? Perhaps you’ll find yourself in a dark and dingy bar scene, or otherwise. Where are you spending your time currently?

Look at your life. If you were to die right now do you think patterns would all of a sudden end, or change? Addictions, victim-hood, warlike behaviors, selfishness, greed … these behaviors don’t just stop, not if they reside deeply in your heart. This is my take on it anyhow.

It is better to take a good look and clean the inner house now, while you are still here choosing what you want life to be.

People get so used to the discomfort, that when it begins to subside they chase it, for it has become habitual cycles of chaos.

Will you remain in habitual cycles, or will you purposefully choose to keep or eliminate certain patterns? Kicking to the curb those things which are of not benefit for forward, positive movement is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do.

I know … habits hook us and make it most difficult to let go. Sometimes only near death can help us with that. I am here to say I, for one, am grateful to still be living, and hope the shadows will not follow where it is I go … here, or there.

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