Space Invaders

Published March 31, 2019 by tindertender

There are those who will invade your space. They will tell everyone you love it, that you love them. They may have ‘hooked’ your mind so deeply that even you might believe their implanted thoughts. They may have hooked you so thoroughly that you cannot pull your attention from them, and there will be many, if not most, who tell you they cannot help you because you are too intertwined.

Doctors, shamans, even Wiccans are all going to to tell you there is nothing they can do since your attention is so focused on the invader and their destruction. You may try everything in your power to break this bond, but the invasive one(s) will have no respect, no honor, and no intention of giving you what you want for your happiness, and peace means nothing to them.

How do you fight? That which can be seen can be struggled against, it is easy to tackle this … but that which you cannot see can’t be tackled in this fashion. Those who practice energetic healing techniques will tell you, ‘you don’t want it badly enough’, or ‘you must not try to understand it for this feeds the vampiric energetic life form’, or ‘you must simply stop working with guides and such, cutting them off, not paying them any attention’. They do not understand that it isn’t this easy.

They will tell you that if you were drinking and such at the time of this ‘initiation’ that it is your fault … and who knows, they may be right. There may not be any way to rid yourself of the invader.

Do not give up. Just because another human being says there isn’t a way, does not mean there isn’t a way.

Jesus, Guides, anyone who may love you in the afterlife may not be able to help you. You may hear that “she/he must learn their lesson”. Perhaps this is correct, perhaps there isn’t enough suffering that can be experienced in order to free ones own psyche from an invisible attack.

It is depressing, I know. It is downright sorrowful. There is reason to give up, it is understandable should you throw up your hands and just quit … many have. Many have … there is no shame in this. Sometimes this may be the only known way to end the experience. My only thought about it is, what if this does not end the experience? So I suggest to keep fighting, even if there is no human capable, or willing, to at least try and help.

These same humans will help others though, for this is what they do for a living. Most of them fall short in my book, for I have seen the lack of ‘affect’ they have on these issues … all the while raking in the dough.

The one person I know of that has had success, even if only for a short time, is the one who refused payment for services. Genuine … and of course those who are not successful will refuse to try for they do not want negative reviews … it may damage their ability to charge high dollar for their work.

This fight will be a solo one. There will be no savior. Step up and do what is necessary to help yourself. Jesus isn’t coming. No human is any more capable than you, and certainly has no way of knowing your situation more intimately than you do.

Don’t give up. Failure after failure does not mean there will never be a success story … keep going. Enlist the help of western medicine if you must, and keep fighting, this is your life, claim it. Walk through that Fire!

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