Foil In My Candy

Published March 5, 2019 by tindertender

I peel my Rolo and pop it into my mouth. I wonder if particles of the foil wrapper have leached onto the chocolate as I chew it. I open a mini-reese’s cup and wonder the same of it, chewing it slowly, savoring the mix of peanut butter and chocolate.

Foil, metal, what do they do in the body? Do they get expelled, or do they collect in the tissues of organs, brain, and body, growing in particle quantity over time?

“The World Health Organization states that the body can take in 40 milligrams of aluminum without causing damage. However, if you eat meat that’s been cooked in foil, you could be ingesting more than six times that suggested amount!”

The foil which is used in the kitchen is much more substantial than that which is used to wrap candies. It could be that while cooking in ‘foil’ can leech particles into the food, simply wrapping candies in very thin and easily torn foils would not require heat in order to actually leech into the chocolate.

“Even if you avoid aluminum when you’re cooking, those numbers can still be high because the chemical compound aluminum sulfate is used in the water purification process. This means you’re likely ingesting aluminum with every sip of water you take, too!”

“Aluminum is regularly taken up with the daily diet. It is also used in antiperspirants, as an adjuvant for vaccination, and in desensitization procedures.”

“In 1965, researchers found that rabbits injected with an extremely high dose of aluminium developed toxic tau tangles in their brains. This led to speculation that aluminium from cans, cookware, processed foods and even the water supply could be causing dementia.”

This knowledge makes me wonder why the pharmaceutical industry insists on injecting babies and young people and the elderly with vaccines which contain aluminum, a lot of it (on top of mercury and the other toxic substances). What is the real agenda? … Surely it isn’t just about making buckets of money. They are fully aware of the affect aluminum has on the body and brain if too much is absorbed. Why is the government allowing this toxic substance to be forced upon all babies, let alone the others they force into getting the toxin injected into their body? This is simply too suspicious.

Well, candy is gone. If I didn’t have this to read I might just forget what I am talking about … kidding. But it could happen.

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