Is The Omega Near?

Published February 23, 2019 by tindertender

In early Christianity the Omega symbol was equated with Judgement Day … Alpha and Omega … Beginning and End.

Did you ever think the day would come? Ya, neither did I … well, not in my lifetime. Yet here we are, time is ticking ever so swiftly and crime, homelessness, drought, toxic waters, air, land and all foods are damaging the health of all life.

Late one night in 2003 I found myself at rivers edge. The only lighting was from the lamp posts up on the bridge which spanned the river. I gazed at the scene, squinting my eyes a bit. Strangely, the lights began to spin in circular motion, like wheels from an old time wagon. They were the colors of the rainbow, green, yellow, orange, etc. Above these wheels appeared a vision. There were two symbols of the zodiac, Leo, side by side, joined at the inside loop in which rested the world 🌎.

I find it odd that the Leo symbol of the zodiac so strongly resembles the Omega symbol. Here, 17 years later, it is beginning to make sense … I have always been a little slow on the up-take.

The truth of the state of things is hard to bear, and many refuse to even consider it. It is more comfortable to criticize those who speak of the current, world-wide catastrophes. Natural forces wiping out many areas, the earth opening in unimaginably deep caverns, swallowing whole, buildings and houses while people sleep, or while they drive to their next destination.

The soil, water, air and all foods and drink are toxic. Poisoning is happening, intentionally, across the land. Houselessness is on the rise, people are camped along city streets country-wide in the U.S.A., perhaps elsewhere also. Crime is increasing everywhere, a deepening divide between those who live in peace, and those who try to destroy it. The differing halves are becoming undeniably obvious.

On January 1st, 2015, sitting in my sacred space early one morning in candle light, I heard distinctly, “Eight years are going to go by fast.” Confused I asked folks at the next gathering of friends I attended. It was mentioned that 8 + 2015 = 2023. Some people believe this is the second coming of Christ. I had never heard of it before, it was a surprise to me.

In 2018 I attended a sacred drumming circle and prayer shared by a Shaman. I was running ten minutes late, and so was another young lady. We purchased our tickets and were ushered in quietly and seated at the back of the room.

I asked the Shaman his opinion about 2023. He did not have anything to say on the subject, other than it is important for us to share joy. The young lady seated next to me looked at me and said she had been studying with her grandmother in Brazil who recently passed away. She told me her grandmother made it clear she should be at this meeting. She also mentioned that she was told this ‘event’ was going to happen in 2022. It appears the time-line has shifted up one year. We determined this is why we were there, both arriving the exact amount of time late, and seated together … to share this information with each other.

If I put it all together, which I have tried to do here for you, in very short detail, it seems quite clear we are about to experience the “big” one, whatever it may be. There are those who think they know what that will be, but I suspect none of them are correct in their theories, not 100% anyway. I have a feeling that this is not going to appear as the majority of people believe it will. It will however, be bigger than anyone has ever witnessed … anyone.

I release a breath in a shallow hrmph … three (possibly four) years to go. We’re in the final countdown.

I sat back in my lounge after this song finished and rested my head against the chair. It is dark in my living-room, I closed my eyes. After a few minutes, rather eerily, I heard a long blast from a horn, a musical horn it seemed. I opened my eyes and verified, yep, there’s nothing on in here, and it was a little muted. I suppose I could tell myself it was an impatient person down the street laying on the car horn … but was it?

The First Two Trumpets

In Revelation 8:7, John describes an apocalyptic vision. His vision explains the triggering event of the sounding of the first trumpet – hail and fire mixed with blood falling to the ground, and approximately 33% of all of the grass and trees in the known world destroyed.

Dane Wigington has been working tirelessly to alert people about this threat for many years now.

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