Stepping Back, And Away

Published December 28, 2018 by tindertender

I typically do not watch television, or the news from any outlet, but this recent argument between “sides” of our government and the ensuing shut down snagged my attention.

I found myself exhibiting the emotional behaviors of these people, those with an incessant need to fight and struggle with each other for power.

Three days I gave them my attention … three days I allowed them into my mind with their relentless goal of taking from the American people and giving to those less fortunate.

It took me many years to get to a situation where I do not have to eat potatoes, beans and top ramen for dinner, being able to afford a little something more. But now I see many of those dual citizens in government don’t even want me to have that, considering it abundance which should be redistributed.

Yes, I’m feeling a little upset about this. So …

I am drawing a bath right now. Whatever bad juju these people have been sending through the WiFi will be washed away in a nice salt soak. I will listen to some solfeggio frequencies and remove this negativity from my energetic form, my mental form, and also my physical form.

I really have no say in what these corrupt people do with our hard earned tax dollars, they will give it to whomever they see fit no matter how I feel about it. So I reclaim my emotional well-being … they can spit fire at each other all they want … without my input.

While being ‘outside’ the hysteria of the world most times, it is easy to see how it affects the mind and emotional body when one does step into it. This stuff they broadcast into homes is so, so bad.


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