Potential for Conflict of Interest

Published December 28, 2018 by tindertender

Most days I do not watch broadcasted programming, or news. However with the recent government shut-down, my attention was snagged.

I found that over the last three days I was increasingly immersed in the petty squabbles our government officials are having internally. Somehow, it has been created that there are enemies within our own government who are in a battle for power.

As the elected representatives attack each other, they amass supporters within the citizenry … now, the people of the country are mimicking the government battles within their own communities.

What is said of a house divided? It falls … and this is where we are headed, led intentionally, or done so ignorantly, by fools struggling for ‘power’.

Since I am usually unattached to these ‘inner wars’, after three days I noticed that the person who I’ve become used to being actually disappeared and became one of those voices added to the din … so fed up was I of listening to these immature, power hungry, disrespectful individuals, I actually lashed out some … and I disconnected from more than a few.

It is easier for me to see how the media manipulates minds I suppose, being on the outside most of the time. It was so obvious, the changes that occurred in my thought processes. It was as though the verbal vomit being spewed by this countries elected politicians was beginning to pour out my own mouth, and it showed in my on-line communications.

I have to ask myself, “Does this putrid instigation of civil war actually live inside me? Or am I only relaying that scenario after listening to so many people verbally assault each other?” It is easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment. If the heat lasts too long though, it may be that it will not be recognized as the outside influence it is.

It had gone too far … I was shutting people out, picking sides, choosing who I would allow to share opinions with me and who I would not. This is not what a friend does … and I make no excuses here, only observation as I try to understand what just happened … so it does not happen in the future. Unfortunately, doors have been slammed shut, perhaps never to be opened again.

These are good opportunities to take a long hard look at what’s ticking around in the ol’ noggin. What’s making the mental clock go? Is it mine, or an implant by someone(s) trying to gain leverage? Really, the only way to combat this scenario is to completely ignore these petty squabblers, as they act like spoiled children throwing tantrums because someone has possession of the toy they want right now.

One thing I will share here that I did not know before is that there is a certain percentage of people in Congress, and the Senate right now, who hold dual citizenship with another country. The U.S. and Canada don’t keep track of which congressmen or senators have dual citizenship.

Why is it important for citizens to know if any of their representatives hold dual citizenship? Because when a Member of Congress speaks out in support of a policy that favors a country in which he or she holds citizenship, the public should be able to assess which loyalty motivates the speech.

I do not have an opinion on the faith of people in the house, keep religion out of it, but I do find the dual citizenship, and the rising (seeming) take-over of the United States government a bit unnerving. I want to be aware of those who possess dual citizenship before elections are held … it’s only right that the voters be told of the potential of conflict of interest.

Currently, it seems the people who are running the government (or fighting with each other on how to do that) will do whatever it is they choose to do, regardless of the countries citizens wants or needs. There really isn’t any point in allowing myself to get upset over it … the country’s going to Hell in a hand basket anyway, judging by the examples we are given on a daily basis.



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