Parting The ‘Red Sea’ ~ Passing Through Stars

Published December 25, 2018 by tindertender

You are like the Milky Way … matter which creates a barrier between me and that place I aspire to be. Interestingly, after this inner realization, I come across various information in regard the Milky Way which I had not heard of before, and I find myself intrigued, and craving a more full understanding.

The Milky Way itself was much venerated by the Maya. They called it the World Tree, which was represented by a tall and majestic flowering tree, the Ceiba. The Milky Way was also called the Wakah Chan. Walk means “six” or “straight”. Chan or K’an means “four”, “serpent” or “sky”. The World Tree was straight when Sagittarius was well over the horizon. At this time the Milky Way rose up from the horizon and climbed overhead into the North. The star clouds that form the Milky Way were seen as the tree of life where all life came from. Near Sagittarius, the center of our galaxy, where the World Tree meets the Ecliptic was given special attention by the Maya. A major element of the World Tree include  the Kawak Monster, a giant head with a kin in its forehead. This monster was also a mountain or witz monster. A sacrificial bowl on its head contains a flint blade representing sacrifice, and the Kimi glyph that represents death. The Ecliptic is sometimes represented as a bar crossing the major axis of the world tree, making a form that is similar to the Christian Cross. On top of the World Tree we find a bird that has been called, the Principal Bird deity, or Itzam Ye. There is also evidence that shows the Sun on the World Tree as it appeared to the Maya at Winter Solstice.

During the months of winter, when the so-called “Winter” Milky Way dominates the sky, it was called the “White Boned Serpent”. This part of the Milky Way passed overhead at night during the dry season. It is not brilliant like the star clouds that dominate the sky North of the equator during the months of Summer, but observers at dark locations will easily see the glow. Here the Ecliptic crosses the Milky Way again, near the constellation of Gemini which was the appropriate location of the Sun during Summer Solstice. It is possible that the jaws of the White-Boned Serpent Were represented by the Kawak monster head.

“In all traditions the Milky Way is regarded as a roadway, built by the gods, linking their world with the Earth. It has also been compared with serpents, rivers, footprints, spurts of milk, seams and trees. Souls and birds use it for travelling between the two worlds. It symbolizes the road taken by pilgrims, explorers and mystics from one place to another on Earth, from one plane to another in the cosmos and from one level to another in the psyche. It also marks the boundaries between the busy world and the stillness of eternity.”

Behold, the Milky Way! Our Galaxy Glitters in This Spectacular Photo
A panoramic view captured from the village of Campinho in Portugal’s Dark Sky Alqueva Reserve shows the arc of the Milky Way as seen during a spring night in the Northern Hemisphere. The scene also includes Mars, Saturn and Jupiter.

Credit: Miguel Claro

Could it be that the Milky Way is actually the “Red Sea” which needs to be parted in order to reach the heavens? If so, who is it that sees to it that the stars part before us, allowing entry into what lies beyond?

According to a new study, some of the spectral lines emanating from the center of the universe can’t be trusted. Photo by NASA/JPL-Caltech/Susan Stolovy (SSC/Caltech) Te al.

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