Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Published November 28, 2018 by tindertender

Have you ever considered where duality stems from? Have you wondered if this field of opposites is being played out behind scenes which the majority is not aware? I guess there isn’t anything we can do about that, since most will scoff and be against even toying with the idea of it.

There is that old phrase about an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. Both of them constantly whispering in the ear, playing out a battle for the human mind. This is something many of us can understand, for we are all familiar with temptation.

Superstition never makes way for forward movement, for progression, it only lends avenues which shrink and atrophy the mind and spirit. I find myself there occasionally, as I’m certain many of you do … how in the world did this fear of the unknown creep into the psyche of humanity when many do not attend a religious service, nor have they been raised around, or taught about deities?

Who is it that sits behind the scenes, pulling strings? Do you suppose they are laughing? Do you think they try, try, try again until successful at causing anxiety, depression, anger, sorrow or any other typical emotion in the human mind?

I imagine them conversing, same verbiage, day after day, year after year, watching the reaction of people. I’m thinking they do so for they wish to experience every single emotion possible, through mankind, vicariously. Not really giving two hoots about the affect on the mind, they continue, for they need to know what makes us tick.

It is not a great discovery finding that all of life takes after this crazy mold. We are all raving lunatics, arguing about this, and about that, mad at ourself, or someone else, feeling righteous or ashamed. Pfft … it is all quite … undeserving of words, actually, because it never changes. It’s always this ‘game’ in which players change roles but no one ever wins.

It is not entertaining, it is quite annoying … and yet here I am, inserting an emotion into the mix once more. I guess it’s better than being a zombie, although I do wonder about humanity actually already being the ‘walking dead’. Looking around, it seems all too real … so much so I have difficulty in denying it.

I laugh to myself and I think, “I may be going a little mad.” I think about Tesla, and of the other great and whacky minds from the past. Many more than I am aware of … and then I think, “I keep good company.” And I laugh yet again thinking, “Ya, right.”

What in the heck was I thinking?

All I will now say is, “The paths of my mind are my own.”


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