Who Am I?

Published November 21, 2018 by tindertender

This life is, always has been, and always will be, eternal. “He breathed life into them.” The breath that is in me, that is in you, is the breath of God. We should all know there is no such thing as annihilation.

Speech has been used to confound the minds of the population. Many generations have passed in which a select few have been charged with knowledge, and its veil. They were given this authority by the same entities who put a stop to our investigation and research of the moon, many years ago.

Technology has been used, and allowed to progress, only when it serves a miens to the ‘planned’ end.

Computers and cell phones … convenient, right? They are also instruments of tracking a person, as well as an avenue in which electromagnetic impulses can be directed.

Fuel … coal, and oil, and natural gas … this is pushed to the extreme on the populace rather than investing in and developing clean energy sources which are not destructive to the planet or environment … ie: fracking, drilling, leaking oil which destroys eco-systems and rivers, or coal which fills the air with particulates causing serious air quality damages, and irritating health issues.

Space travel … long ago it was televised we ‘landed on the moon’ yet that was the beginning of the end for that investigation. Who forbade it?

What is the real purpose of the moon? Some say it is an artificial ‘planet’. Personally, I view it as a portal in which a soul is memory wiped and sent back to the earth, in body … or not. It is a vehicle used for intercepting and interfering with human life … while in body, and afterward.

This obstruction in our path, in my current thinking, is used to prevent the God-breath from becoming ‘whole’ and united. Creators breath is in each and every living being. All life that breathes is under attack. Those under the influence of shadow kill and consume portions of this life, so numb to the gravity of it they cannot see the horror they have been taught to participate in.

Someone who dwells in this plain who many cannot see or hear or sense, is so full of hatred, any techniques fathomable are used to prevent the foreseen and predicted outcome … often by pretending to be what the gentle, naive, and trusting life forces need.

If you hear something that sounds too ‘far out there’ or ‘impossible’ or simply too horrifying to actually have movement in this world, this realm, this reality … investigate it, study it, observe the areas told would be affected … watch for signs that support or discredit the information, and then begin to form your personal thoughts on the matter. Take your time, roll it around like fine wine, or a favorite candy. Do not allow someone else to form your mind or opinions for you … You are what you create, what you allow, and what you choose … at all times.

I ask myself frequently why Naturopathy is not covered by my health insurance fees, why those who have developed motors which are powered using nothing more than water or table scraps have not been tested further, why biodegradable disposable cutlery and dishes have taken a back seat to plastic, why nuclear waste was/is dumped by the barrel, buried beneath the earth, or simply spewing into the oceans of this world, and why fresh waters are stolen planet-wide and then sold to the people who live on it … cased in plastic, which seeps toxins into the water it holds and then into the body, which cause cancer and other illnesses.

Many questions such as these compared to what IS happening … endless war, imposed starvation on whole countries, butchering of people in ‘the name of God’ or Allah, or whatever … the many names of God have been used for men’s excuses to kill, to destroy, to hate.

This is not what someone who gave the very breath needed for life would wish for this beautiful creation. No … hatred and harm are not of the Universal Artist who painted this canvas we call earth and all life upon it. Hatred and harm come from an imposter, posing as that which all people know and feel within them … the sacred breath … given freely to all.

Practice skills of discernment … trust your gut, your instinct, for it is connected to the truth. Release others opinions, break habits taught, search deep within and find the inner child from so long ago and ask it … who am I?

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