Next Steps

Published October 30, 2018 by tindertender

Now that your eyes are wide open and your mind expanding, what is your next step? The reality which was spoon fed in youth turned out to be a ‘story’ most people were also spoon fed. You see now, don’t you? It was all a strategic illusion, orchestrated to keep the masses under control.

As you look around you can see the facade crumbling. You can see the increase in chaos as those becoming aware of lack in their life attempt to take from those who have a little more. Rather than people working together to benefit the whole, they grip tightly that which they’ve managed to scrape together and refuse to let go. Eventually, what is gripped tightly will be gone and nothing will be left, not even a friend who will be interested in helping in time of need.

In this sense, what is given is received. Assistance, a prayer, sacred energetic transfer, snarls and slander, love and hate, sharing, caring, acceptance and dismissal. All of it will be returned to the giver.

It is important to share if possible. It is beneficial to give to others, and to also allow others to give to you. Receiving can be a difficult thing to do. I used to refuse offers of gifts, until I realized that what I was doing was ‘stealing’ from them the opportunity to give. I do not like theft, so I practice this give and take, all while focusing on care, and share exchange.

We are trained to be stoic, to bulldog our way through life and “keep a stiff upper lip” and to “grow a spine” among other phrases. We are taught to move through life as solo, or with minimal assistance. Sharing seems foreign to those who have been instructed early to “stand on their own”.

Some countries have entire family units under the same roof. They share commodities as well as chores. Obviously this is necessary, for many in this world have very little, and the only way to survive is to ‘stick together’.

I foresee a time when cities, and towns, are broken down even further into ‘villages’. Smaller extended groups who all pitch in to benefit the whole, and anyone who desires “power” over others will not be tolerated.

This life is not all there is. There were other lives lived before this one, and there will be others lived after. What kind of world do you wish to be born again in to? We are in the process of creating it now.

The sea of life may get a little rough before it calms. In this time there will be those who ‘take’, those who ‘give’, and those who hold base while it all works itself out.

If you haven’t had the experience yet, I highly recommend a past life regression hypnosis. This will open your mind, allowing you to see the truth of cycles, and the depth of our intertwined experiences.

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