Acknowledgement and Approach

Published October 24, 2018 by tindertender

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger

As I rest I experience what seems to be a conversation between two. I catch a phrase here and there, these are the ones I wrote down.

“I just want the world to notice existential elementals.”


“There’s more coming from this half of the apple.”

There are those who seek acknowledgement. Some do not think there is much to be gained by this allowance. It does not hinder the effort. You see many people who are affected by this ‘force’ into mind. Western medicine describes it as mental illness, which shows the disconnect between ‘medicine’ and the unseen.

No matter how many drugs are thrown at human ‘symptoms’ the effort of those in the hidden realms to gain acknowledgement does not cease.

For millennia human kind has been fed toxins which shut down the pineal gland and have caused a sort of waking sleep. Our connection to the realms of spirit has been inhibited, and in todays experience, a stirring is occurring.

Many people are sensing this ‘other world’ through direct experience, whether auditory messages or otherwise. The energies of the subtle body are being amplified, the human sensory factory coming alive. The etheric and auric fields are being magnified, consciousness is increasing.

Because these other realms are not discussed or talked about in many areas of the world, when connection occurs it can seem nightmarish. Those who have this experience are drugged, and the denial of truth continues.

A new approach must be integrated into the way things are seen and taught for it is not going away … it is only growing in number. It would be best if people learned of this portion of life, that life does not end when the body quits us, and those who are on the ‘other side’ still wish to be acknowledged.

Government and Church have been separated. People have been led to believe they must go to the priest in the church to gain connection to God, to their relatives, and so on. The truth is, peoples connection to this realm has never changed, it has always been with them, and no priest has greater access to the hidden realms than any other person living on this earth.

The ‘training’ to the contrary has been embedded in the psyche. Trained habits are meant to be broken. Reclaim your sovereignty  and your connection. It has always been yours.

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