What Are You Looking For?

Published October 11, 2018 by tindertender

Sometimes I find myself looking for the car keys, or glasses, or the other shoe. But what am I really looking for?

As a child I was looking for acceptance, praise, approval … and belief in what I said was happening to me.

As a young woman I was looking for love, for a mate that would commit for life, yet that did not pan out like I had imagined it would.

Today, I look for depth. Depth of self, and depth in others. No longer interested in what is fashionable, or ‘normal’, or widely accepted. No … I seek the inner workings of me, and of others, and of all life … including this beautiful planet that supports it.

Questions constantly arise: Who am I? What am I here for? What is my purpose?

I am tired of wasting time. There is only so much we are given. It seems the youngsters are focused on popularity, hanging with the gang who gives support where it might be lacking.

Too little time is spent teaching the value and importance of the earth and all it provides life. The sacredness of life itself is tossed to the wayside, while mothers and fathers toil and sometimes struggle just to put food on the table. This land gets forgotten, and the connection damaged, if not broken.

What am I looking for?

I’m looking for the reconnection to all that is sacred, to that which does, and always has been with me, part of me, inside me, and also surrounding me … seen in everything I view.

By becoming aware of the fact that what I see resides in me … the angry one, the sad or depressed one, the joyful one, the idle one, or the work horse. I have worn these shoes, and worn them well, so when I see these things in others I reflect inside, and look hard to see if it still is there, or if I’ve been successful in transmuting it, or nurturing and growing it.

Alchemy of the Spirit and of the Soul, not an easy task, but the effort to make alterations opens doorways not possible before.

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