Blood Donation

Published October 4, 2018 by tindertender

I donated blood again today. I am only able to donate whole blood as I am under 5′ 5″. My last donation shows a green check mark up to stage 4, storage.

It has been just over 4 months since my first donation, and the Red Cross App shows my blood never went beyond “storage”. I can only hope that this donation will be used for good, considering they are calling frequently saying there is a critical need for blood.

Perhaps they tossed all parts of my last donation and just kept the plasma. If this is the case, where did the other parts go to?

Or … perhaps the app does not say anything about the end of journey until all parts of the separated donation are used.

Elements of blood

  • Red blood cells can be stored for up to 42 days at 1°C – 6°C, depending on the additive. When kept at -65°C or below, red blood cells can be stored for up to 10 years.
  • Platelets can be stored at 20°C – 24°C for up to 5 days with constant agitation.
  • Plasma that is frozen at temperatures of -18°C or below within 8 hours of collection, platelets can be stored for up to 1 year.

At any rate, I donated. I have multiple reasons why I want to do this, regardless of my inner suspicions. My hope is that by doing this, someone who does good in their life might be saved should disaster befall them, and perhaps life will take on more significant meaning.

I asked about the scarring left by the big needles they use. A gal told me that if I do this enough they’ll know it by the way my arms start to look after time. I said, “I’ll look like a drug user?” She smiled … and I thought, is this something I want to have imprinted on my arms? What will the coroner say??

For now, they have two donations.
May they be used well, in morality, with honor.
And may someone out there live.



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