Light, Dark, Ego and the Dreaded Shadow

Published September 30, 2018 by tindertender

Thank you Jennifer, a great article.

Spirit Love Studio

I hear many people talk about this subject all the time.

Oh, it’s good, oh it’s bad. That is evil. Only stay in the light! Be positive, avoid negative. That’s the shadow, that’s the ego. Your inner child needs some attention. Light and Dark need to be balanced. I am having psychic attacks. Things we hear all the time in spiritual settings.

I am going to address some of these, and remember thus is my perspective. Not everyone will agree and I am not asking anyone to think about this subject like I do. Here is my perspective.

Yes, some times we are effected by other people’s energy. It may be any emotion, their thoughts or even a feeling, or maybe pain they have in their body. Yes, this is part of being an empath, we pick up energy from other people. This is why I stress so much that…

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