Be Happy Anyway

Published September 9, 2018 by tindertender

After a joy filled day yesterday I was nearly home when the car in front of me hit a beautiful white bird. The wings flapped as it struggled to get out of the way of traffic, but people were driving too fast. I wasn’t able to stop and help it. I was so sad, knowing that someone behind me would hit it again, and again. I prayed that it would end quickly for that little bird.

I was thinking that someone was trying to send message that no matter how much joy we may have in this world there will always be an occurrence to come along and attempt to kill that beautiful dove of peace, and be successful much of the time. So I voiced aloud, “No matter how often you kill that dove, you will never eliminate peace in this world.”

I wake this morning thinking of that beautiful bird, and I vow to go out and find something that will bring me joy, and I will share that emotion with others I encounter. Call me stubborn, but I will not allow this to hinder my ability to retain and maintain joy in my life.

Although it does make me sad when I see it in my memory …

There is a force out there which will constantly try to take from humans the ability to experience joy. Whatever it can do to keep people trapped in sorrow and fear, or pain and frustration, it will do.

Be happy anyway, go, and do … find situations and make friends who you can enjoy this life with, despite those who work diligently to bring you down, to douse your fire and love for this life.

See the bird fly free in spirit, as beautiful as it ever was in physical form, knowing that nothing can touch it now.


Photo by Sunyu

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