Honing Senses While Blinded

Published August 7, 2018 by tindertender

Water, clear, covering sand slightly. It moves to and fro as the tide moves, ripples appear across the sand as it too moves with tide.

Blind, she walks though life building her senses. She learns to see, even without eyes. She listens intently, she stills her own mind as she observes the flow.

There are those who understand fully, as she comes into comprehension. They stand by, patiently waiting for her to bloom.

As the earth, and so many dwelling here suffer, she is amazed at the numbers who are still unable to look past their own experiences, seeing the whole. She understands there is so much more to consider than her own discomfort.

She pulls her thoughts from those who would possess them. She claims her attention, and places it where she determines it will go, and not where others would pull it.

Photo by Bryan Goff

Glorious being, you see now more clearly than ever before. They thought they had blinded you by taking your sight, by numbing your senses, but you only grew in your ability to feel. The inner knowing of you has begun to shine brightly, piercing through the darkness they wrapped your mind in.

Your beauty glows like the stars of the night, embraced by the moon, guiding all in need of you, showing them the way while they still cannot see. Your steadiness is a beacon for them, and it ignites their inner fire allowing them to assist in the lighting of the path once it is known to them.

Your strength and courage on this journey has assisted so many, grateful are all who experience your presence, even while they sometimes deny it.

Thank you.


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