Infinite Possibility

Published August 3, 2018 by tindertender

Tendrils, like smoke in a clear room. They touch the pit of me and pull … quickly I reject them. I am always amazed at the liberties some will take when they think no one is paying attention. Heck, maybe they are not even aware of doing it … but then, perhaps they are.

rick-hinchcliff-69186-unsplashI walk along with my bundle, much like a swiffer, but it is plum full of flowers! Beautiful clear atmosphere, pure. There is nothing to catch or clean.

The bees and butterflies rest on my wand while I move along, hand raised, exposing all of the beautiful blossoms for snacking.

Flower Photo by Rick Hinchcliff

As I travel, an opening appears through trees, and there I see the most amazing scene! The ocean blue, waves topped with white as they roll in toward the beach. Water meshing with sky as though they were family long separated, in a warm embrace.


Photo by gabriel xu

Moving along, plant growth fades. I look beyond where I stand to see a plateau, empty, but for a river of water, flush with the earth, one seamless bond.

As far as I can see the land is void of life, there isn’t even a wind.

Suddenly, I find myself in a room where there are 4 x 4 beams. Carved within one beam are marks, approximately 3/4″ x 3″ long, 3 of them in a row, set in a diagonal about eye level. The post has been painted brown, yet the inside of the three marks have been painted red.

The room is in shadow, dim lit and seemingly void of people, very quiet.

I close my eyes within this scene, as I sat in time with the outer closed as well, and I saw a circular light, spiraling into darkness.

SunThe amazing movement of all that is … Getting comfortable feeling it, seeing it, and sensing it takes time.

Learning about what is found takes much effort … it can be tempting to stop, the mind stretches.

Who’s to say if it is imagination … or connection? Only the experiencer knows … and even that is left open for questioning.

Any time one is inclined to express solid and stationary knowledge is the time to open another door.

Infinite possibility awaits …




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