First Conscious Words

Published July 31, 2018 by tindertender

So many mornings lately as soon as I come into consciousness, before even opening my eyes, I am finding the first words that roll through my mind are, “I Love”.

I love life. I love being able to breathe and to work and to drive. I love breakfast and puppy snuggles and friends. I love culture and variety and dance. I love so much that I find in this world … and I even love those experiences which have hurt, for they have taught me how strong I am.

I love long walks in the forest, and along the river and the opportunity to be creator of a new world, a new reality. I love contributing to peace and to understanding. The list is so long I cannot possibly name all the things I love about this life.

It used to be I focused on the things I did not like about living, but I have learned that what we focus on is what we get more of … and so my attention has shifted, and energy pours forth into something other now.

It is true that I still often think of that which I would rather not see, but it seems there has been a great deviation toward the new instead.

mari-lezhava-265647-unsplash.jpgPhoto by mari lezhava

Nothing can be done for the past. The only thing that we have control over is the mind set about the present, and the future. Habitual thought processes are difficult to change, especially the way the media gears us toward violence and fear. It becomes easier when we tune out what they would like us to focus on, and instead choose ourselves, what we give power.

Change is not easy, breaking habitual patterns difficult, but if we wish transformation to happen strong enough, we will adjust accordingly.


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