Afternoon Doses, Information Drips

Published July 29, 2018 by tindertender

Photo by Pawan Sharma

Sensations unnamed, they just are.

Did you know what you were doing when you came upon me? Did you have any idea of Who. I. Am.

Responsibility? What do you think I’m responsible for? Who do you suppose I will stand with?

~ Broken bondage of “Love”.

Freedom belongs where tall Daisy’s grow.

I’m not angry. I’m more disappointed. Disappointed, for what could have been, will not be. Did you see it coming? You must not have, otherwise we would not be in this situation.

Do not look at me as though I am the intruder. You came here uninvited, and I have done my best to work with you. But I see you … I hear you … and it is becoming quite clear, your intentions are selfish.

Your threats will not paralyze me.

Plots and plans … I dismiss them. They are concerned about, “When they open it …”

I am not one to wish ill will on anyone. I would love to see harmony for all forms of life. However, there are those who cannot, who will not, who refuse to be part of, the ‘whole’. They instead wish to control, and steer the fate of others.

My thinking of these ones has gone round and round, uncertainty clouding judgement, and the desire to maintain trust and belief in goodness, strong. Although very good at playing the role, it is apparent … periodically … that it IS only a role, and not genuine at all.

The battle is real. So much focus is on the people we see, that the workings behind scenes go unnoticed. There are influencers pulling strings in this world that many are not capable of comprehending.

The temptation to leave all the external pressures behind is potent. The appeal of remaining in a bubble is quite inviting. The avoidance of the ‘snare’ is desired, yet in avoidance, the snare is set and actually works better than if attention is given it.

What does one do when stuck in a rut, in a place of need, focused on suffering and lack? How is it possible to climb out of the deep pit of a well without a ladder?

One movement at a time … and once at top, do not get caught up in the fact that it is slow and methodical, progress hardly noticeable. Just keep going … baby step after baby step … and one day, some time from now, you’ll be able to look back and see the movement more clearly.

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