Is It Love … Or Abuse?

Published July 28, 2018 by tindertender

Being open to the possibility of love, to the hope for it, and to believing it is seen, can lead one to be blind and also open to abuse. Some ‘friends’ will say you are selfish and in need of their guidance. They will say they love you and if they didn’t they would not say anything at all to you … still, this does not excuse hurtful actions and words.

When someone truly loves you, they will not tear you down and pick and poke those things they know hurt you. Sometimes, it takes decades to understand this is not love. So used to this behavior, so great the hope that love exists there, you allow the behavior to continue, until one day, you see too clearly the lie you’ve twisted to form some warped truth.

Heartache … we meet again, and again, and again … until I say goodbye.


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