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Published July 27, 2018 by tindertender

The water is brown, but cool just the same. I wonder what chemicals the largest organ of my body (skin) absorbs as I lay in it on this hot day.

I close my eyes and consider the thoughts of others. Of course I’ll never know exactly what they are … do I want to anyway? Perhaps this idea and conclusion, too, is an illusion.

The burden of defining ones own perspective is quite enough, thank you.

Quantum Mechanics
Body / Mind Consciousness
Non-Local Phenomena … Unified at all times

Moisturizers that don’t really moisturize. Skin actually feels drier after using it! So we put more, and more, and more on, yet it only gets more dry. CHEMICALS!! And we pay for them, putting them on flesh because they smell so good. It’s like eating powdered cheese or ice cream that never melts.

What in the world are we doing to ourselves? How could it be that we never even considered the ingredients and their effects on the cells of our bodies – our minds? What massive hypnotism took hold of life on this planet?

Can it be that many others are recognizing this as well? It seems the answer to this is … yes. Yes, people are.

Many have done their best to discredited anything David Icke has to say, however, even if you are not in agreement with ALL he speaks of, there are many things he says that cannot be denied.

Have a listen … what do you think? (The music

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