Love Will Always Heal Your Heart

Published July 27, 2018 by tindertender

I learned many things last night, profound things, yet my conscious mind cannot seem to bring them to the forefront. My hope is the information shared in the night will affect my daily decisions, for it is quite important knowledge!

If only I could tape record my lessons during sleep.

As I sit and write this morning I recall the realization of comparison … I speak here in the written word, and you read it wherever you are. You may even discuss the material with your friends, you may discuss me and where my mind must be going with all this.

The same is true of inner communication, it is so much more sophisticated, there need be no “hard” technology of computer, keyboard, and internet WiFi … the message is heard quite clearly without them. The only difference is, the ‘outer discussion’ can be sensed and heard. I laughed as I thought of this, and am so pleased to be taking part in this insightful communication.

As I watched her watching me last night in my relaxed frame of mind, eyes closed, I realized, “I’m remote viewing!” Wow … and to think I’ve been making it sound so hard, when all one need do is release, and allow flow.

‘Many others’ who have opinions and ideas of your life and situation can cause confusion. In solitude, stepping away from the chaotic cycle of spinning advice, it is easier to reconnect to intuition and instinct … listening to our own process is essential for personal peace and sanity.

Now is not the time to ignore the ‘messengers’. Don’t get caught up in fear or the discomfort of change. Stop procrastinating. Hear and see the truth as it comes to you, there is wisdom being offered, shared, and is born of your own intuition.

Nurture the things you care about … your hopes, your dreams, your body, your mind, your spirit, your creations, and your relationships, all that is you needs to be cherished, loved, honored and respected. Nurture them, and they will bring you peace and fulfillment.

You have been taught that all is either good or evil, negative or positive; good gives rise to good, and bad gives rise to bad. Everything happens for a reason. The lessons offered by the shadow often teach us the most. Remember, without darkness, the stars cannot be seen.

You could have one of several destinies. Trust that everything you hope and dream of, for your highest and greatest good, will be there waiting for you.


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