The Color Blue

Published July 24, 2018 by tindertender

Photo by Perchek Industrie

I closed my eyes and I saw yours, the most beautiful blue I had ever seen. What is it with the color blue, anyway?

connor-dugan-561870-unsplashWater than runs in rivers and streams,

That moves in waves of the ocean look blue,

Yet when cupped in the hand can be seen,


Photo by Connor Dugan


The sky above appears to be blue,

But it is the same sky that we walk among below at ground level,

And it is also clear, no color at all.

Photo by Chris Barbalis


Snow, when it falls so pretty and white,

8 feet, and taller the mounds can be!

When a stick is poked into it, it too leaves a trace of blue light which travels the whole length of the hole made.

Photo by asoggetti

Blue … it is a curious color … is it real, or imaginary?

Some experiences are quite unnerving, and interesting at the same time.

I’m wondering why their vocabulary isn’t larger. Perhaps it is only my inability to understand which causes them to use smaller words, repetitively.

I look around me as I drive the street, or walk it, and I see people having conversations with those who are not visible. They appear to be mad, sometimes they flail their arms as though they are fighting.

This world has hypnotized humanity, and then fed them a story which keeps them pacified. I wonder if these I see in the midst of battle, seemingly with no one, are simply having the veil of their mind shattered … perhaps those who they speak with must be ‘cruel to be kind’. Perhaps this is the only sure way to break them free from the film that has covered mind.

How many survive this method?
I know of a few who have not.
I also know of some who have …

For I Am One.


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