Inner & Outer Connection

Published July 18, 2018 by tindertender

As I spend time in other realms, there are some here who sense it. They do not know of my adventures and live across the world from me, yet connection is strong. Last nights travels and introductions inspired inquiry about my well being from one far away.

I sit here wondering how many of those connected to me felt this as well, how many kept silent, thinking it unimportant or imaginary.

Photo by Jacob Kiesow

The need for vengeance will burn the soul that carries it.

While many people the world over are busy living “Eye for and Eye” mentality, their soul suffers. Spirits are on fire with the ‘thicker than oil’ tar-like substance of this need. The anger, hatred and vile behavior is a poison running in their veins.

While it seems they are ‘winning’ a war, or a battle, the only thing they are accomplishing is building a sorry present, and future. Their creation will combust, and that which is flowing in their mind and body, this black, gooey mess called revenge and need for power will become inflamed.

Humanity has a choice as to what they allow to flow through them. Many have filled their worlds with this substance which will ignite, burn and become dust, eliminating its creator … many will discover this too late.

There is still time to release this impulse, to convert it into ‘clean energy’ … the same stuff the planet needs in order to survive … it is the same that every individual requires.

Look around and really see the damages done … sink holes, highways buckling, mountains erupting, rivers raging, the air which is filled with toxins and all oceans dying. The human body is rebelling, the same as the planetary system is.

Cancer, Depression, Anxiety, Diabetes … numerous other ‘illnesses’ which are killing the body and mind. The two are one and the same, sentient life form and planet … the inner and the outer are reflections of each other.

View the world and its ‘natural disasters’ as your mirror, look at the people around you and see how similar the disruptions are … perhaps your own body is rebelling as you see the earth splitting and drying up, catching fire as it attempts to destroy what ails it.

Clean that which flows in you, wash it up and spew it out … give it to the earth, let it help you … for in doing so, you will be helping the earth.




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