Teachings About Mother Earth and Feminine Energies

Published July 6, 2018 by tindertender

“There is cosmic energy that is creating much now in both the human and the animal world. It is affecting all walks of life. You can see it happening now. It began in 1988 and increases in 1989, continuing into the end of the century. The causes are very understandable to those who are in harmony with Mother Earth.

“Mother Earth, as you know, is a living organism, just like you. She loves, She feels, She senses, and She hurts. She is trying to heal Herself now. This generation is being affected by this. Many people are being forced to make changes in their personal lives, especially in their relationships. Those who are not afraid to grow spiritually will understand and be able to adapt. Those who don’t grow spiritually will find their lives aren’t working, and unless they seek their spiritual selves, their lives will continue not to work until they self-destruct.

“As Mother Earth heals and grows strong again, the ill shall become well and the weak shall become strong. Each in its own way shall be given new life; just seek it out. Earth energy is feminine energy. As the feminine energies are increased, women and especially Mothers will be affected, so please make them aware that it is just to make them grow and be strong with Mother Earth. Many Mothers will become assertive, because they want recognition and validation of their worth.

“Mother Earth provides for all of you; use it to fill your needs, but when you take, you must give back.

“All knowledge is available to mankind, if he would just open up to it, but first he must reconnect with Mother Earth and become more spiritual within. Realize he is One with all things. Psychic ability is just being spiritually connected. There is a lot of psychic energy available now, but many misinterpret it and misuse it.

“There are going to be some Earth changes to come. Many people will be afraid, because they don’t know what’s happening. If the time comes and it is necessary, people will be shown safe places to go ahead of time. There is no need to fear.

“Mother Earth is using all available energy to heal herself. This is partly what is causing the earth changes. A balance must be regained. Mankind is being given a chance to heal himself. You are being forced to change, because energies are changing around you. Women are changing, taking charge of their lives, healing themselves, as Mother Earth is healing herself. Their female energy is being opened up, because women are instinctively in harmony with Mother Earth. This is causing stress in many relationships, as women who now feel empty, unfulfilled, invalid, and without purpose will begin to feel a need to get in touch with their feminine self and with Mother Earth. They will become more assertive as they reclaim their ‘power’.

“Even the female animals are changing – their behavior, their breeding habits, their migrating habits. The water too shall change. Mother Earth needs water for Herself and for her cleansing. She is calling for moisture, and the Universe will give it to her. There will be a time of imbalance, droughts where there was once moisture, floods where there were once droughts. Eventually a balance will be found. Unneeded things will be forced to the surface and discarded.

“Spiritual energy is primarily feminine energy. Mankind has been dominated by male energy; society is male oriented. You all have both male and female inside you. This should be in balance. Many men view the female as being silly, weak, erratic, and emotional. They deny any feminine aspects of themselves and put down feminine qualities in women as well. If such men begin to open to their spiritual self, the feminine self seeks balance. As they become more sensitive and begin to feel this feminine aspect of themselves, they fear they are becoming weak and overly sensitive, losing control of themselves and their physical world. They are quick to shut off this feminine energy and retreat back into their old masculine self, stopping their spiritual growth.

“The best thing Mankind can do is love. Love each other and love Mother Earth. She needs all this energy she can get. That’s why you are needed now, to gather the people together who are willing to understand. Show them how to get in touch with their Mother, how to love and share with each other. Separately you are weak; together you are strong.”

~ Dennison Tsosie, channeled message, August 1989, from Spirit Visions, The Old Ones Speak by Dennison & Teddi Tsosie

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