Seeking Answers

Published June 27, 2018 by tindertender

Photo by Braden Jarvis

Who do you turn to for guidance when the whole world seems to be falling apart? When governments actions show care for financials more than the health of the planet, or the health of its citizens, or for the well being of ALL life who can be trusted?

Attempting to complete a jigsaw puzzle using the senses in a darkened room, not by sight, is near impossible. Similar attempts can be seen in the world, and how people all over are trying to gather information and complete needed processes for healing.

Everyone is in the dark, so many secrets hidden from the public. The pieces needed to repair issues are kept from us as destructive scenarios continue to play out.

The hidden can be sensed, something is not right, but to put ones finger on it is difficult for they’ve gotten very good at the cover-up. Sometimes the obvious is right in front of us while stories saying they are not crop up, people begin to doubt their own recognition of horrible wrongs.

Do not allow the media to program your mind. Look around you, see for yourself. Let loose your thoughts on what you see, be the spreader of your own news, as you personally understand it. Your perception is just as valuable, in fact more so, than the pre-programmed and scripted dribble broadcasted daily.

The world is depending on your awareness. Stop repeating the stories you hear … like bad rumors created by those bearing false witness, they must be stopped for most of what is televised are lies.

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