We Are All Related

Published June 26, 2018 by tindertender

Russell tells it like it is … we’d be wise to start listening to the words he gave to us so graciously …

“One day… there would come a time, when the earth being ravaged and polluted, the forests being destroyed, the birds would fall from the air, the waters would be blackened, the fish being poisoned in the streams, and the trees would no longer be, mankind as we would know it would all but cease to exist … 

… There will come a day when people of all races, colors, and creeds will put aside their differences. They will come together in love, joining hands in unification, to heal the Earth and all Her children. They will move over the Earth like a great Whirling Rainbow, bringing peace, understanding and healing everywhere they go. Many creatures thought to be extinct or mythical will resurface at this time; the great trees that perished will return almost overnight. All living things will flourish, drawing sustenance from the breast of our Mother, the Earth.”

Phoenix Rising

The Chippewa visionary “No-Eyes” saw and predicted many of the current earth changes more than 20 years before they happened. She made her transition into the spirit world in 1984 and this book was published in 1987. In just the last few years the number and intensity of tornadoes and hurricanes has more than tripled as she foresaw. She even told Summer Rain there would be computer warfare in the future, which just happened in November 2014 when Sony Pictures was hacked by North Korea. How could a blind woman, who never saw a computer in her life and died more than 29 years ago, predict such events? She had a spiritual gift and we all are so blessed to have the information that Mary Summer Rain has so generously shared with us which is extremely relevant today. Even the increased train accidents, such as the recent one in Philadelphia and the one before that in California, were seen to increase due to human errors. Summer Rain has gone through many difficult trials and suffering because of her courage to print the truth. May she be blessed eternally for it.

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