Barren … Or No?

Published June 24, 2018 by tindertender

Older now, childless, I ponder what my life means, what good has come of it. Has there been benefit to life? What have my contributions been to the health and wellbeing of a people? On the surface, it appears to be ‘not much’.

I vow that the blood within my body, which potentially could have went to a child carried, will be given so that someone else may continue to live.

What else do I have to give? I have time, and food, so I create a dish to be shared with two different deserts. It will feed several people today, and I will sit and share this meal with them, happy in heart at the opportunity to do so.

Photo by Taylor Kiser

I will provide supplies to the group for future gatherings, I will make certain that these supplies are as planet friendly as possible.

I will listen as the elders speak, happy to be alive and have the invitation to do so. I will clean after them, and I will feel blessed to give service to them, for they reciprocate as well … the gift we give each other.

This life will count for something by the time I am finished. What I do will actually matter to someone, even though I may never meet them.

Together, with life in the spirit realms, we donate our blood, our time, and our patient care and compassion. We hope to grow connected, conscientious peace, to somehow be a blessing in this world rather than a detriment.

The day has begun, and let it continue as the sun shines on our faces, as we share with each other.


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