A Fresh Start

Published June 19, 2018 by tindertender

This world can feel very small, and yet is is quite large.

Photo by Aperture Vintage

Karmic debt is now being paid. Long lineages of this is coming to the fore and being wiped clean. There is a power greater than anything most people are aware of. There are many stories behind it, most of them have been skewed to meet the agenda of ‘mankind’ and those who give the message to the people.

This power I speak of will rock the world, mountains will erupt and flow like swift rivers, the earth will split and swallow buildings whole, the wind will toss everything about like little toys, and fire will burn all diseases stored in the soil.

Following this will be a state of harmony. Those fortunate enough to be here still will experience it, and bliss will take over their minds, a gratefulness they have never experienced will fill their hearts. Love will reign.

An innocence is coming to the world, a fresh start is on it’s way.

The Phoenix is Rising.

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