Serious Snacks

Published June 7, 2018 by tindertender

Sitting here I began to smell brownies … it’s nearly midnight and he’s baking. I finally went to the kitchen and there it was, a scrumptious desert ready to be cut and devoured. I saw that he had already eaten a small piece and as I grabbed the little knife to slice my own I thought, “I am having more than a little tiny piece!” And so I am, periodically filling my mouth with this still warm yummy goodness and I chew, and I type. My dogs sit beside me as though they need a bite too.

Photo by Cameron Ballard

Often I find myself wrapped up in the events and circumstances which tell of the dire situation the world is in, absorbed in details and investigating ways in which to handle certain situations. Today, and tonight, is one of those times.

When the aroma of chocolaty goodness made it to where I sit I experienced a wonderful break in the seriousness of it all. I have just finished that hefty chunk of brownie and may just be able to fall asleep, dreaming of sweet treats.

Knowing the world and all of its systems are experiencing something which will prove to be life altering for everyone, human and animal, earth and water and air, can be quite unnerving. It is difficult to pull away from the reality and go about daily activities as though all is well.

Change for the better will not happen unless the majority becomes aware and insists on change, being that change, and assisting others to do the same. Not out of need to ‘rule’ or ‘lead’ but out of the need to ensure that all living beings have a safe haven … our home needs us to stand up and halt the destruction.

With that being said, I will lay me down and dream of brownies and whatever stories my subconscious wishes to tell.


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