So Long …

Published June 1, 2018 by tindertender

Fear of speaking from the heart is bred in the lives children by those who do not hear what they say, but hear how it feels to them, and think of past actions which cause guilt or pain. They lash out and become defensive over a non existent ‘thing’.

Honesty, innocent excitement, is perversed and layered by false accusation.

There is no reasoning with someone who cannot listen properly. There is no relating to one who hears something “between the lines”. They take what is said and apply a completely different interpretation to it, twisting it to fit whatever skewed intention meets their need.

Letting go of people who have certain patterns of reaction is hard, especially ones that have been loved, and accommodated for so long. There comes a time when realization of manipulation is clear and relationships must be severed.

Life goes on, and self preservation insists drama and trauma be halted in their tracks. Patterns must be broken so healing can be.


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