A Great Awakening

Published May 29, 2018 by tindertender

Good people …. and  those who take advantage of them.

History is written by the ‘winners’. Often what we are told of a situation decades after an event is not the truth. The ‘winner’ will skew the story so they do not look like a shit heel, so future generations will side with them and continue doing what they did.

The truth is, when someone trusts and gives, it is often that the greedy and needy will take and take, killing even, the ones gifting, and then they will create a story to ‘cover up’ their dirty deeds.

Trouble for them is that when enough time goes by, even those who pay little attention will become aware of the deeper truths, because those who lie will always show their true colors eventually.

There has been a great awakening. Not only has the original people been abused and murdered for their kindness and hospitality, but those who have believed the lies and followed bid of tainted spirits are beginning to see and understand that their own lives matter not to takers and abusers.

After so many decades of following suit and the world is on the verge of collapse it can be seen more clearly that the majority has been duped into contributing to their own demise. The only hope now is to join what remains of the first people who were so brutally attacked and learn of their ways of peace, of honor, and of living in harmony … with each other, and with the earth.

We must begin now, and learn quickly, for heads have been in sand too long. There has been a great sleeping of minds and hearts have been numb. Like a hand that has been asleep and is now awakening, feeling is slowly coming back and eyes are opening to the reality which has been hidden. May it happen swiftly, for in this is the ability to transform damage done, and sincere healing take place … for all.

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